Most Expensive Coffee In The World


Most of us can’t do without our daily dose of caffeine. Coffee makes us tick and it should come as no surprise to learn that a lot of people will pay seemingly ridiculous money for a decent cup of coffee. That being said, there are some coffees that go for extreme prices due to their rarity and production process; here are just a few:

Kopi Luwak
Price: $160 a pound
This bizarre and thoroughly unique coffee bean is renowned as the most expensive in the world as well as one of the rarest. Hailing from Indonesia, it’s famed for the fact that it is passed through the native Civet Cat before being processed into beans. The cat ingests the red bean and usually excretes it as a whole where it’s automatically ready for brewing. Enzymes in the animal’s stomach contribute to the flavour of the bean as well. Due to its fame and rarity, it can be found in certain places, particularly Asia and the USA, but it is incredibly expensive.

Hacienda La Esmeralda
Price: $104 a pound
Going by the alternative name of ‘Esmeralda Special’, this coffee lives up to its name with its strong taste which is a direct result of the way it is processed. Produced at the Esmeralda Jaramillo farmland in Panama, high up in the Central American hills, the harvest is a meticulous one and the cold climate effectively adds to the final product, producing a strong and intense bean. The flavour and strong smell of jasmine add to the price of this coffee.

Fazenda Santa Ines
Price: $50 a pound
This coffee is found in Brazil, more specifically the region of Minas Gerais. The beans are produced on the farmlands of Santa Ines in a certain way which harks back to a more old-fashioned method of farming meaning that there is no automated method used and the bean is known for its sweet, caramel taste. It’s also a very rare breed of coffee and is found sparingly throughout the world. Cafes in Canada and Australia are known to have purchased the bean and the going rate makes it the fifth most expensive coffee in the world.

Island of St. Helena Coffee
Price: $80 a pound
As one might have guessed, this coffee bean is native to the island of St. Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean. Many rumours surround it, the most prevalent being that it was favoured by the famed Napoleon Bonaparte. It is made from a bean, exclusive to the island, called the ‘Green Tipped Bourbon Arabica’ which adds an exotic taste to the coffee and accentuates its rarity and value.

Blue Mountain Coffee
Price: $45 a pound
Compared with the other high prices found on this list, Blue Mountain Coffee, hailing from the island of Jamaica, doesn’t seem too expensive. The beans are harvested in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, where the soil is very moist allowing for excellent drainage, and are also used for the alcoholic beverage Tia Maria. The flavour is described as mild but is famed for its lack of bitterness. Much of its export is directed at the Japanese market making it very popular in East Asia. Read more about this here.

If you were to buy any of these coffees in bulk it becomes extremely expensive and most coffee shops will opt for something more mainstream like a Lavazza espresso coffee or a generic espresso blend. Most coffee shops look for wholesale coffee bean suppliers that offer a mixture of quality and value for money. However, if you are a private coffee buyer who is looking for a treat every so often, Opting for one of the most expensive coffees in the world could be the best option for you.

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