Monitoring Teenagers—What Parents Should Know?

Adolescence is a time of rapid growth, exploring things and taking risks. Taking risks provide the teenagers the opportunity to put their skills and abilities to test in order to discover who they are. However, some risks such as drinking, driving, using drugs and or having unprotected sex can be really harmful and have a long-lasting impact on an adolescent’s health and well-being. So what can parents do about it?

Can Parent Influence Teenagers?

Yes, parents have a powerful influence on their teens’ lives. And when they make a habit of knowing what their kid is up to, where he or she is at, who they are with, and set clear expectations for behavior with relentless monitoring to ensure these expectations are being met, they are in a better position to reduce the risks for pregnancy, injury, alcohol, cigarette, and use of other drugs.

Thus, it’s necessary that monitoring should start in early childhood and continue throughout the high-school years, as children grow and mature. Once the children develop into teenagers, parents often see them as more independent and less in need of monitoring. But, relentless monitoring is critical throughout the teen years. Because adolescents’ desire for independence often leads to unhealthy or unsafe behaviors.

Sadly, many parents fail to recognize this. They don’t know their influence can help the young ones to navigate through their teen years safely. Some parents even struggle with the idea of monitoring when they don’t know how much they should be involved and how much they should allow their teens to demonstrate independence.

An ideal solution is to monitor your kids from a very young age because if they have experienced it throughout their lives they are more likely to accept parental monitoring.

Does Parental Monitoring Work?

Yes, it does. Research shows adolescents whose parents use effective monitoring practices barely make poor decisions. For instance, they are less likely to smoke, skip school, have sex at an early age, drink alcohol, share inappropriate messages, or be physically aggressive. It reflects that clear communication of expectations is extremely vital. The study shows teenagers who believe their parents will never approve of risky behaviors rarely choose those behaviors.

How Can Parents Be Successful at Tracking their Young Ones?

Mind you, parental monitoring works best when guardians or parents have open, caring and good relationships with their young ones. If teenagers believe their parents can offer useful advice and are always available to listen and talk, they will be keener to talk to them.

This happens when young ones are satisfied with their parents or guardians and trust them. Wanna promote a caring relationship with your child? Here’s what you can do:

  • Listen

  • Ask Questions

  • Ask for Opinions

  • Stay Involved

  • Offer Support

  • Praise Your Kids

How Can Busy Parents Keep Tabs on Their Teenagers?

These days, parents are so overwhelmed with the daily grind schedule that they barely find time to think of creative ways to connect with their kids. Work and other activities keep them away from home and children. Most of all, it bars them from monitoring of their teens. To help bridge this gap, you can leverage a cell phone monitoring app Android or apps for monitoring iPhone.

With a monitoring app, you will be able to keep tabs on your teenager’s online as well as real-world activities. You can peek into their text messages, call logs, contacts, emails, web browsing history, bookmarked websites, GPS location, and much more. And you can do all this without seeking the support of family members, school staff or friends.

How Can Parents Use a Cell Phone Monitoring App Android to their Advantage?

The good thing about leveraging a cell phone monitoring app Android like Xnspy is when your kids see you are using this software they are less likely to engage in unsafe and unhealthy behaviors. Of course, every parent wants to protect their children from the evils of the world, but not all parents perceive the evil in the same way. Some are overprotective, some are slow to make decisions, while others give full liberty to their kids.

Evidently, all these extremes aren’t acceptable. This makes cell phone monitoring app Android the best bet for parents to tackle online and real-world threats. It tends to act as a safety guard for parents, allowing them to control and protect their teens while they are on the go. With the help of a monitoring software, you can easily identify websites that promote inappropriate content like violence, cyberbullying, pornography, etc.

Simply add those URLs to watchlist alerts and receive a quick notification every time the website will be requested to open. It will allow you to take appropriate actions when requires. With a cell phone monitoring app Android, you can even decide which apps can be used and which can be blocked. For instance, the app blocking feature of Xnspy lets you ensure your teenagers are not using inappropriate applications.

Furthermore, the remote screenshot feature of the cell phone monitoring app Android allows you to snap the images of live display and get a hold of your kids’ passwords to ensure safety settings implemented by them cannot be altered by someone else.

Final Thoughts

While apps for monitoring iPhone and Android devices are simply used to monitor and block access to inappropriate content, educating your teens still remains the best solution. One must use these tools by keeping in mind the purpose for which they are being used. Remember, the age of your kid using the phone to access the internet will have a big influence on this. There is a clear difference between controlling the device used by your children, whose internet usage consist of viewing attractive visual content, and having it installed on a cell phone used by a teenager, who uses it to exchange personal information, meet new people, chat with their friends, play video games and so on.

Here the key to success is trust between children and parents. If you manage to establish this link it can prove really helpful. In addition, it will allow your kids to enjoy the internet safely. On the other hand, using a cell phone monitoring app Android without your kid’s consent can lead to uncomfortable situations. So it’s best to start teaching them the appropriate way to use the internet and mobile devices.

The idea is to make them aware of the perils and risks that can result from misuse, and the apps for monitoring iPhone and Android devices are installed for their own safety.

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