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It has long been known that some plants and foods can increase sexual activity. Maybe you yourself noticed that after eating some dishes and drinks, your mood changes and there is a desire to be in an intimate atmosphere. There are many beliefs about what aphrodisiacs are most effective. And what do experts say about it – doctors, sexologists? Is it so miraculous or there is a high probability of auto-suggestion about the power that is attributed to them? The text is taken from


First of all, aphrodisiacs contain vitamins and microelements, which help raise energy. Also, they contain substances that increase the production of sex hormones, which increase sexual attraction in women and prevent premature ejaculation in men. Products containing a large number of proteins also increase sexual arousal. First of all, it is red meat: beef, veal, pork, lamb, horse meat, venison, boar, etc. Red meat contributes to the production of the male hormone – testosterone. Its level in the body has a great influence on the potency. With a deficiency of testosterone, sexual desire in a man is almost absent.

Another source of high-grade protein is eggs. They affect the intensity of producing the female sex hormone estrogen. Quail eggs have especially strong stimulating action. They have long been considered a powerful sexual stimulant.

Seafood is also recognized as an aphrodisiac. These are oysters, shrimp, shellfish, crabs, lobsters, caviar. And also sea fish: salmon, halibut, sardines, and cod. All these products contribute to the production of testosterone hormones, estrogen, and serotonin.

Plant food

The French highly appreciate artichokes. According to them, this vegetable “warms up the genitals”. Asparagus also has an exciting effect. Avocado and dates are on the first place among fruits – they also stimulate male activity.

Some types of greenery are also known as good ways for increasing libido: the root of celery (it was also highly valued by Casanova), parsley, and coriander, and, of course, onion and garlic. In the East, people know a lot about the art of carnal love, so there is not a single meat or vegetable dish without onions and garlic.

Nuts and seeds also belong here. Pumpkin seeds increase potency, stimulate blood circulation, and promote the synthesis of testosterone. The same can be said about sesame seed. Walnut, cedar, and almonds are especially effective. All of them increase sperm production, stimulate an erection and shorten breaks between sexual acts. In order for nuts and seeds to have a stronger effect, they should be mixed with honey.

Seasonings and spices

Spicy food also causes sexual arousal. First of all, this is a meal seasoned with burning spices: black and red pepper, curry, etc. These spices enhance metabolic processes and promote the flow of blood to the vessels. Strong aphrodisiacs are cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, saffron, and ginger. Cinnamon increases female libido.


Wormwood was considered famous love grass. In the past, absinthe was prepared from the wormwood oil mixed with anise oil and marjoram. It is a strong alcoholic beverage (70 – 85 degrees) of bright green color, which is a strong erotic stimulant and has a fast stimulating effect.

One of the most powerful aphrodisiacs is the root of ginseng. In the ancient Indian texts, it is said that it empowers a man with “bull power”. It should be noted that the effect of ginseng is not immediately apparent but in a few days. It increases blood circulation that is so important for having good sex with a woman.

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