Men’s Fashion: Everything You Need To Know for 2019

You might not be obsessed with all these new trends popping up when it comes to men’s fashion but finally, men are encouraged to experiment with different styles to find the ones that suit them best. After all, fashion is not just about following the trends, it’s about finding a way to express what’s important to you through fashion.

All in all, it’s always fun to hear about new trends to see what you might like and what you definitely dislike. This year, there are many trends to choose from and we’re convinced you will find something for yourself. It can be something as basic as wearing more of brown color or getting your first tie-dye just like all style icons are already wearing.

Is it time to break out from usual patterns you’re so used to when it comes to fashion? Let’s take a closer look into the men style trends that will dominate in 2019 and probably stick around in 2020.

#1 Tie-dye

We remember these from the grunge era when everyone was either buying it in stores or doing it themselves at home. If you were a fan of this trend, you’ll be happy to hear it’s back this year. According to many celebrities who are wearing them in almost every occasion, tie-dye is definitely the number one fashion trend of 2019. With a wide variety of colours, these tie-dyes are great for any combination, from shorts to jeans. Also, the majority of them are made from fantastic and breathable cotton, so they are perfect for hot, summer days. When the days get cold as we’re going into autumn and winter, you can wear them with sweaters and sweatshirts to make your outfit really pop!

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#2 Brown Color Palette

Every year, there is one color dominating all these combinations we see on the runway and later in the streets. Last year it was white and this year is brown. So, maybe it’s weird to say, but brown is making its comeback. It’s a great alternative for those who wish to run away from black and use brown as their neutral foundation for their outfit. So, your first shopping should be filled with brown items, such as T-shirts, shorts, flip-flops, bags, sweaters, sunglasses and watches. This color will look terrific on you during the summer as well as during the winter as it’s the perfect go-to for almost any outfit. Be sure to try out a few different shades to find which ones suit you best, from the light oatmeal to darker olive khaki.

#3 Camo

Every few years, camo is back as the leading trend in the fashion industry. This year, we’ll be seeing a lot more of it. The reason why camo is so popular that it keeps making a comeback all the time is because it’s enough by itself. You don’t have to think about accessories or the right choice of pants to pair it up. For instance, if you wear a camo T-shirt, it will still all the attention so it’s almost negligible what you decide to wear besides that. More importantly, camo looks so comfortable and most of the items truly are comfortable. After all, they say that camo is for men what leopard is for women, meaning it doesn’t require too much effort. What’s more comfortable than that?

#4 Urban Hiker

It truly doesn’t matter if you’re a hiker or not, but urban hiker look is back and it’s bigger than ever. If you didn’t try out hiking, maybe this trend will encourage you to try out something different and try to connect with nature. So, instead of wearing your long, chore coat, put on a fleece pullover, find some great hiking pants and enjoy your day! These hiker items are so fantastic and casual you will enjoy wearing them all the time. They differ significantly from other sports clothes as they are mostly in neutral colors and design, so you don’t have to worry if you went too far with your choice. The same goes for vendors who might be considered if their window is arranged in a way it encourages potential buyers to step inside, but thanks to useful material like mannequin guide, they can make the most of this tool.

#5 Double-breasted suit

This is the perfect trend for those who are not a fan of sports fashion and they want to avoid wearing urban hiker items. Not to say that you can wear both styles and look great in both of them because you can. If you’re not sure what type of double-breasted suit to purchase for yourself, we advise you to go with brown one and combine two trends in one. There are plenty of differently designed suits so you will find something that fits you really easily. You just have to be patient and try out a few of them before finding the right one. A good piece of advice would also be to check online suggestions for your body type as the same suit will not look the same with people with completely different height and weight.


What’s your preferred style? Is it making its great comeback in 2019? If you’re ready to experiment with fashion and try out something different, make sure you try out some of the items from our list.

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