Medical Weight Loss: It’s About Learning to Manage Your Weight

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If you are like most people, you probably tried a fad diet or spent hours in a gym only to fail in getting the results you desire. Although diet and exercise can help you lose weight, some people need more than just willpower. Many diets may promise quick and significant results; however, you may achieve just short-term success. Once you eat normally again, you may gain the weight you lost, which can be outright frustrating. If you want long-term weight loss in Chamblee, you should consider a medical weight loss program.

Understanding Medical Weight Loss

Medical experts design, supervise, and present medical weight loss. Often, your medical team includes a doctor, nurse, dietician, fitness trainer, and other professionals. Apart from teaching you how to consume foods right and exercise correctly, the program also teaches how to incorporate changes to your lifestyle into your routines. Also, the program aims to minimize behaviors that may have contributed to your weight gain. Sometimes, medical weight loss includes the use of FDA-approved weight loss medications. A program will be customized to suit your needs. Its goal is not only to help you lose weight and help you learn healthy ways to maintain your weight and stay healthier overall.

What Does a Medical Weight Loss Program Include?

Although each medical weight loss program is different, the majority include medical assistance that will help you modify your behaviors through exercise and diet. Your program will also offer nutrition education, recommend alternative meal replacements, and include weight loss medications. If you don’t like to cook healthy meals yourself, you can consider meal replacement options such as bars, shakes, and pre-packed meals. Expect to work closely with your nutritionist, personal trainer, and dietician.

Benefits of Medical Weight Loss

Joining a medical weight loss program offers the following benefits:

  • Personalization. The program is personalized to your needs. Your doctor will consider your current lifestyle, weight, activity level, and overall health when creating a program for you. Thus, you will have need-specific goals, and the changes you need to make will directly influence the results.
  • Supervision. A medical weight loss program is completed with careful planning and monitoring. You will be in a non-judgmental environment. The program is designed to help you achieve a healthy weight with the necessary support you need.
  • Long-term success. Although a crash diet may help you lose weight, it won’t produce lasting results. A medical weight loss program lets you learn lifestyle-changing skills necessary for achieving long-term success. With this program, you don’t get tools for losing weight. Instead, it provides you with tools and skills to help you incorporate a weight management lifestyle into your life.
  • Emotional support. Apart from physical support, your program also provides support to help you through your journey. If you tend to experience extreme weight fluctuations, the availability of emotional support can help you keep going. Medical weight loss allows you to talk to your doctor and other team members, so whatever is not working can be addressed.

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