Medical School Interview: What Should I Wear?

The medical school application process can be incredibly stressful, as the application can take up to a year with little communication from the school. Being offered an interview with a med school is one of the most amazing feelings for prospective medical students, it gives them a sense of hope that their application was actually looked at and that their dreams of becoming a physician may really come true.

Given the significance of a medical school interview, it’s crucial to impress the interviewers in every aspect possible, including your clothing. As a doctor, you will need to be presentable and professional in front of patients and colleagues, so it’s essential to start building your professional wardrobe as soon as possible.

Make sure you look professional.

Many people do not have professional wardrobes prior to attending graduate school, so when it comes time for a med school, most people are unprepared in this regard. Since your interview will be based on the entirety of your presentation, your outfit will play a significant role in your first impression. Earning an education in the medical field is one of the most renowned educations that anyone could receive, so med schools are trying to admit the top students from all over the world into their medical programs. If two students come in with similar academic records, the admissions committee is likely to choose the prospective student who has a better overall presentation, after all, having good personal presentation is a big part of being a successful doctor.


Have multiple outfits ready.

Fortunately, while professional clothes may appear expensive, it is easy to find great deals that will help you look and feel confident. The best thing to do is invest in two or three outfits prior to your interview process. Having a couple of outfits to choose from allows you to have a few options on the day of your interview.

While you could technically wear the same outfit to multiple interviews at different schools, you will need a couple of outfits just in case you get multiple interviews at the same school. The medical school interview process consists of many steps, often consisting of more than one interview. If you are lucky enough to receive a second interview, having a second outfit ready will help you avoid having to wear the same thing twice.


Outfit options for women.

Professional dress for women may seem intimidating; however, given the wide variety of options, it can be easy to find something that matches your style, is affordable, and looks professional. Women have the ability to choose from dresses, dress-suits, pant-suits, and so many more options. Since interview days can take up to several hours, it’s important to choose something that looks nice but that you’ll also be comfortable in.

Women who are on the smaller side should be sure to shop in the petite section, as petite fashion is more flattering for a small physique. Petite women’s clothing guarantee a more comfortable and professional fit for anyone in this size range, so if you consider yourself petite, it could be in your best interest to invest in some petite pants or a petite skirt before your big interview day.


Outfit options for men.

Professional attire is seemingly easier for men, as they only need a good suit to wear with a shirt and a tie. It’s important for men to make sure that their suits are properly tailored so that they look their best.

It’s also a good idea for men to have more than one suit, just in case one gets a stain or simply just to have another option. Men can also get away with wearing the same suit to multiple interviews, as long as they change up their shirt and tie. The best color options for men’s suits are black, navy blue, or gray, as they always look professional and are easy to match with a shirt, tie, and shoes. Since many practicing doctors wear a shirt and tie underneath their white coats, investing in some early on isn’t a bad idea.


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