Measures Were Taken for Specific Immigrants and Foreign Nationals Affected by COVID-19

Due to the increase and the continuous spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) all over the globe, applicants for Canadian immigration benefits situated in certain countries have undergone several disturbances concerning the processing of the applications. The disruptions that are happening are:

  • Shut down of visa application centres
  • Interruption in services at the Canadian visa offices
  • Travel plans getting shattered
  • Access to the local business and government offices getting restricted.
  • Reduced access to the designated physicians like Panel Physician Toronto for the mandatory medical tests.

The first preventive measure was taken on 7 February 2020 by stopping the Canadian citizens, refugees, and immigrants to travel from China. Similar conditions were levied for the countries like Iran and South Korea on 29 February 2020.

At present, IRCC has granted special measures on accommodating the following individuals:

South Korean nations, Iranian and Chinese or South Korea or Iran, foreign nationals currently located in China and people who are affected mainly because of the travel restrictions and service disturbance related to COVID-19.

The special measures intended to allow flexibility to those who are unable to meet certain requirements due to the above-mentioned disruptions. As far as the applications that are still in process, IRCC has mentioned that they will neither close nor refuse the application for the lack of documentation. IRCC has also stated that they will permit automatic 90-day extension above the usual deadline to comply with the other procedural requirements which also includes:

  • The individual has to attend the visa application centre to provide photographs and fingerprints. This will complete the process of biometrics.
  • An individual has to complete the mandatory medical examination that should be done by an IRCC-approved panel physical like Panel Physician Toronto.
  • Should submit the essential supporting documents like police certificates and passport.

Accommodations are also being provided to the foreign nationals whose applications for permanent residence have been approved recently however, they are not able to travel to Canada due to the pandemic situation created for COVID-19. When the application for permanent residence has been approved, a document called Confirmation of Permanent Residence (CORP) is issued. This document has to be presented by the foreign national at the Canadian port of entry and all of this has to be done within a specific timeframe so that the process of landing in as a permanent resident is completed.

The expiration date that is mentioned on the COPR cannot be extended; hence, foreign national should adhere to the timeframe. Looking at the current scenario, IRCC has introduced special measures that will allow some considerations. Under that consideration, the landing procedure can be done even after the expiry of the COPR.

In many cases, the applications of permanent and temporary residence can get approved on an urgent basis. The foreign nationals who require a study permit, work permit or visitor visa to travel to Canada urgently can submit applications and IRCC would consider them case-by-case. However, even for urgent visits, the foreign national should have cleared the immigration medical exam, which can be done at Panel Physician Toronto.

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