Mastering Intuitive Healing and Manipulating Its Healing Energies

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Intuitive healing is the approach to holistic medicine that deploys intuition to guide a healing process. The practitioner goes into a deep meditation accessing a state of consciousness through brain waves.

This makes it easier to get intuitive information about the life, health, and financial situation of a patient. Intuitive healing is a practice that depends on the use of the five senses to find and correct any imbalances in the body’s energy flow.

Deep meditation, visualization, and focused thinking are vital components in an intuitive healing process. Reasoning, intellect, intuition, and experience also have specific roles to play.

The practitioner helps the client to see and understand the imbalances and shortcomings.  The practitioner then slowly corrects those imbalances, thereby breaking down the blockage. Emancipated from the disorder, the body returns to balance.

Intuitive healing is finding increased application in Austin. Seven out of ten Americans suffer chronic diseases. 3 out of 5 deaths in the Travis County in Texas are caused by such chronic diseases. Alternative medical therapy like intuitive healing is, thus, of immense relevance in Austin.

How Intuitive healing works and how to use it in your energy work

Let us explore some of the approaches adopted during typical intuitive healing austin tx.

  1. Austin is famed for its fast dynamic life. But to get the best of your treatment via intuitive therapy, you need to calm your mind and release the stress. Let go of any pride or ego. This allows you to open your heart and thus, connect with your patient as deeply as you can. Most intuitive healers in Austin are able to stimulate your intuitive channel thereby awaking your higher consciousness.
  2. When your intuitive channels are open, lower your outcome expectations. It cannot be forced or controlled, so you need to be receptive and open to information. Go into a meditative state to connect to the Superconscious or Divine Source.
  3. Calm your intellect and ask for additional information from your client when necessary. This way you can better help your client in Austin get to the root cause of the problem.
  4. You need to be aware of your client’s needs. Sometimes, your client might only need a quiet, therapeutic session.

Intuitive healing allows you to be guided about ways you can help people and techniques you can’t apply. You will be able to understand your client deeply.

How People Express Intuition

Intuition can be expressed in various forms and we all have our strengths. You should acknowledge your intuitive style and channel your work through it. You would understand better and recognize intuitive information when you work with your unique strengths. The information will have more significance when you use your style and strong-points.

If your client agrees to hear your intuitive perception, tell them what it is, and do it encouragingly. Do not pressure them into believing what you are saying. If that client asks you to interpret the perception you had, do not do it if you are not sure of what you’re going to say. We don’t want to be giving them false information!

You should be sensitive to your client’s wellbeing at every time. Always express silent gratitude for your intuitive gifts after every healing session.

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    I like that you talked about how intuitive healing is the approach to holistic medicine that deploys intuition to guide a healing process. I was researching the different kinds of healing methods nowadays and I recently found out about intuitive healing. It seems like a pretty interesting type of treatment, so I’d like to look more into it.

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