Marijuana and Your Lungs: Is Vaping Safe for People with COPD?

The usage of marijuana has become the top of controversy in the medical world. It has been in politics and the medical world for decades. Regardless of all the legal statuses, the question still is whether one should go for it or not.

Before we begin, let’s check out the advantages to the health –

  • You would be delighted to know that Marijuana is very calming for improvising the physical and mental conditions. The doctors might recommend medical marijuana to various people who might be suffering from Crohn’s disease as this is one of the best alternatives to ease away the inflammation, vomiting, and nausea.
  • There are various studies that prove that this compound has been very helpful in the treatment of various diseases like cancer, seizures, chronic pain, addiction, and various other things.
  • It also treats the nerve pains, muscle control problems, and other issues that are related to the problems of MS. It consists of both THS & CBD. It is a compound that has been approved to be used in countries like Canada and Europe.

Check out the impacts of smoking it

  • The people who are using it would be delighted to know that Marijuana doesn’t have the exact same effects that the smoking of cigarettes cause. Most of the health experts will still warn you against the smoking of this drug. This is because smoking of marijuana is something that makes everyone believe that smoking of this product can harm your lungs and worsen the respiratory issues that might already be existing for you.
  • The cannabis consists of various things like nicotine, airway irritants, tumor promoters, carcinogens that might be the cause behind cancer. The research shows that smoking Marijuana is something that might cause you visible or microscopic injuries to the largest airways. This is something that will help you in the increasing of the likelihood for the development of chronical bronchitis.

Check out the risks of smoking out Marijuana along with COPD

COPD has affected more than 30 million people in the US and in most of the cases, this is caused by the smoking of cigarettes and various other tobacco products. These cases are basically the results of the chemical exposures, air pollution, fumes from the fuels that are burned for cooking and genetics.

What are the experts saying about smoking?

As per the experts, smoking is quite dangerous and it is leading to lung cancer and COPD. This has also been proven as per them as it is said by the medical cannabis specialist. It might also lead you to the concerns that smoking is something that would do the same thing to you.

What can be the impact of vaping out marijuana

This is one of the alternative methods for taking out marijuana through the process called vaping. This is one such process that involves the inhaling process of the liquid-vapor through the e-cigarette or the vaporizer. This is considered one of the safest ways of vaping through it. As per the research, the vaporizers can release out the harmful chemicals into the human body system. There are also certain chemicals such as ammonia that might negatively interact with the CNS. Under this, you might also face risks like aggravating asthma, or the bronchial spasms in the respiratory process. There have been many types of research as per which the extent of risk has been extended for vaping out the marijuana. It is always important to memorize that vaporizers will never protect you from all the harmful effects of the chemicals that you are breathing in.

Looking out for the other safe alternatives

If you really want to avoid out the respiratory risks, then there are still various ways you can ingest the marijuana. There are edible marijuana products that are known as edibles and will provide you far less damage and to your respiratory system as well. You must know that the edibles are the ones that come in their own setbacks and these are usually slower to take in and can also last longer than you might want them. This is one of the dosages that is quite hard to determine. This can also lead to an increase in the toxic dosage and can cause various other complications like anxiety, panic attacks, increased heart rate, lower blood pressure and so on. There might be other heart complications as well. There are various life-threatening doses that might rarely occur but these have been associated with the death due to the cardiac arrests and the unexpected failure of the electric system of the heart. Always keep in mind to research about the same before you begin looking for anything that might be harmful to your body. The limits set by the researches also need to be looked after it. If you buy marijuana in Orange County, it might be one of the safest alternatives for you.


As far as the research on Marijuana is concerned, it looks quite promising. However, nobody is still aware of the effective treatment that it might cause and beyond all this, there are around 31 states, where the use of this ingredient is allowed for medicinal purposes. It’s all on the customers how they perceive it and how it affects their body. All you need to do is buy marijuana in Orange County and let go of all the riddles you have in mind about it.

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