Many Ways You Can Benefit From Doing Pilates Regularly

When Joseph Pilates created a physical fitness regimen named after himself, Pilates has become a famous activity among gym enthusiast of all abilities and ages. Today, Pilates is synonymous with toned and lean bodies.

However, the benefits that come with Pilates go far beyond simple flexibility and core strength. Described as an art of controlled movements, it offers a number of both mental and physical benefits when practiced regularly.

  1. It Develops Core Strength

Pilates is known to help strengthen your core. The deep core muscles are what we rely on in order to support a strong and good posture as well as efficient movement patterns. If the core is strong, then the frame of the body is well-supported. This only means that the rest of the joints and muscles are free to do their jobs rather than compensating which causes stiffness and stress. Moreover, Pilates core exercises help in promoting the flat abs that we all wish for.


  1. It Increases Flexibility

Pilates exercise has a significant focus on the integrity of the body that is practiced in creating flexibility. It is also an example of an exercise method which is focused on the uniform development of muscles and avoids any kinds of overdevelopment which limits flexibility. Instead of utilizing unmoving and static stretches, Pilates exercises focus on movements while stretching.

  1. It Improves Posture

Good posture means a good alignment that is supported by a strong core. It is a great position where the body can freely move. When your alignment is off, it puts stress on the skeleton, particularly on your spine. Pilates can increase your awareness of proper alignment of the pelvis and spine and creates the needed inner strength in order to support the natural curves of the spine.


  1. It Improves Mind And Body Awareness

The 2 key principles of Pilates are concentration and control. Pilates move is done in a relatively slow mindful state of consciousness. Its primary goal is to become aware of your alignment and energy which you bring to movement. It will then be transferred to your daily activities which allow you to be mindful of how your body moves throughout the day.

  1. It Increases Energy

Pilates focuses on the correct way of breathing. You will constantly find yourself breathing more deeply which results in an increase in lung capacity. This will supply the body with more oxygen, thus increasing your energy levels. You will then end a Pilates session with more relaxed, peaceful. De-stressed and energized body.

  1. It Improves Coordination And Balance

As your muscle weakens, your balance will also start to deteriorate. Pilates exercise can aid in improving your balance by stabilizing your core. It works with small, deep muscles which are needed in order to keep the body steady when walking and the spine strong.


  1. It Reduces Stress Levels

Pilates exercises have breathing methods which teach you how to control your breathing. This was design in order to cleanse your bloodstream with oxygenation by bringing in fresh blood to all of your cells. This breathing method not only increases your physical health but also reduces your blood pressure and triggers the relaxation response in your brain and releases your happy hormones which reduce stress.

  1. Improves Mental Fitness And Increase Motivation

Not only does Pilates benefit your physical appearance but it also benefits your emotional health. The steady and smooth movements can help quiet your mind and soothe the nervous system. As you strengthen and lengthen your muscles, you can improve your circulation and dissolve tension away, leaving you rejuvenated, balanced and calm.


Over 12 million people now practice Pilates since it provides great benefits, physically and mentally. Pilates can be done mostly on Pilates mats, with a reformer, Pilates machine, or stability ball.

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