Making Halloween Romantic: Date Ideas


When you think of Halloween you may immediately think of trick-or-treating. Instead, treat yourself and your partner by celebrating Halloween with a fun and romantic date. The trick is deciding what to do. Here are a few Halloween inspired date ideas.

Boo Bags
The grown up version of trick-or-treating is to treat your friends and neighbors by leaving them a pleasant surprise at their home. This activity is often referred to as “Booing” by leaving a “Boo Bag”. Doing this as a couple is a lot fun, as you get to do something nice for others while enjoying one another’s company. Simply fill treat bags with candy and carefully sneak each of these to the front door of the intended recipient without getting caught. However, there aren’t any set rules, so feel free to come up with your own variations. The whole idea is to do something nice for others as a couple; the sneaking around just makes it more fun.

Scary Movie Night
What better excuse to get cozy with your partner than to watch scary movies together? Even if you don’t find the movie all that scary, it’s still an opportunity to cuddle with your man and allow him to feel manly by comforting and protecting you. As far as movie choices, steer clear of the gory movies. The best options are actually old movies without violence or sex, merely a scary story line with startling events. And remember, if he jumps too, don’t tease him… at least not too much.

Halloween Cooking
Baking together happens to be one of those wholesome activities for which the process and the end result are both sweetly rewarding. If you are still getting to know each other, baking together can give you both the opportunity to show off your skills in the kitchen. And if one or the other isn’t as good at it, the process of teaching and helping can be very romantic (as long as it’s done with patience). If you’ve been together for a long time, this activity can be a rekindling of old passions as you both reminisce about past holidays and the treats you’ve shared together through the years. Suggestions for baking include Halloween cookies, cupcakes, or a cake. Don’t forget to feed each other the finished baked goods and celebrate a job well done.

Ghost Tour
Most every city has its own history and legends. A popular activity around Halloween is to provide ghost tours at these historical landmarks. A tour guide takes a group of people for a walk around the area and tells ghost stories about the very location where you’re standing. You never know, you might even see something spooky yourself. This is most fun to attend as a couple, since you stay very close together trying to keep guarded from eerie happenings. Get online, check a newspaper, or visit local museums or libraries to find out where in your area ghost tours are being held. If you want to go on Halloween night, you should buy your tickets ahead of time, as they may sell out.

Couple Costumes
Of course a Halloween date idea list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Halloween parties. If you don’t know of any parties in your area or among your friends, why not throw your own? Better yet, host it as a couple. If you have an invitation to a party, don’t pass it up (unless you’d rather spend the night just the two of you romancing each other, that’s a definite winning choice). This is the perfect opportunity to dress up and have fun. There are so many couple costumes you can buy, make, or perhaps you already have. Use your imagination and have fun with it. Best of all, don’t forget that a couple costume can lead to some exciting role playing after the party. Now that’s the most romantic part of Halloween.

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