Make Your Home Feel Like a Vacation Home

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many people around the world to spend more time at home over the past year. After being cooped up indoors for so long, you’re probably eager to go on vacation to an exotic location. If you’re not yet in a position to travel, why not bring the vacation a little closer home? There are many ways to make your home as cozy and ambient as a getaway retreat.

Pick a Theme

Where would your dream vacation home be located? The sunny Maldives? The mountainous Alps? After you settle on a destination, you can create a theme for your home centered on it. With a little imagination, creative use of color, and decor materials, you can turn your humble abode into an inviting log cabin or a beachfront condo.

You can print out photos of that ideal getaway and use them to create a mood board. This will act as the rudder of your domestic redesign operation. Pinpoint the individual elements in those images you would like to replicate and brainstorm ways to best achieve them. If decor is not quite your forte, it’s not a bad idea to hire professional interior decorators to help you bring your ideas to life.

Comfort, Comfort, Comfort

Your staycation retreat should not just be appealing to the eye, it should be as cozy as possible. If you’re not comfortable, relaxing like you’re on vacation will be difficult. You can start by shifting your living room and bedroom furniture around to create more space. Getting rid of extra chairs or replacing space-consuming pieces with smaller, equally comfortable ones will help this cause.

Upgrading or replacing worn-out seats or bedroom furniture will go a long way in enhancing comfort. Buying a new sofa, upholstering what you currently use, or simply throwing in some new cushions can turn your living room into an oasis of comfort. You can even add some woven blankets for a luxurious feel.

A vacation is not a vacation if you don’t have a cozy bedroom to retreat to. Here, your bed will be your main target in the quest for improved comfort levels. Simply swapping your sheets for soft linens and buying a snug duvet or two can make your bedroom the winter hideout you never want to come out of.

To make your room even cozier, you can look for a new mattress that offers higher comfort levels and conforms to your sleeping style. Nolah 12-inch mattress reviews can help you find the perfect fit to turn a bedroom into a palace of comfort for your staycation. Don’t forget to add unique decor to finish off the resort look.

Outdoor Space

You may not be able to catch a plane to Honolulu, but you can recreate that exotic island feel right in your backyard. It may not overlook an endless turquoise sea, but you can fashion your patio into the beachfront lounge your vacation home would have had. Invest in some teak or wicker furniture pieces, including a couple of lounge chairs from which you can lounge during summer. If your outdoor space is limited, get fewer pieces to avoid making your yard feel cluttered.

Next, call in professional landscapers to tame your shrubbery, make your lawns level, and add some vibrant floral touches. If you have a green thumb, you can tend to your exotic garden yourself. If you’re handy with stones and concrete, go ahead and weave those cute little walkways across the lawn.

A Spa Experience

Instead of a place you quickly jump in and out of, you can turn your bathroom into a luxurious spa you can spend hours relaxing in. If you don’t have enough disposable cash to install water jets, you can simply buy some pretty rugs and matching towels to recreate that hotel bathroom feel. A couple of scented candles along with scented shower gels can make your evening shower the best part of your day.

Add a Bar

Carve out some extra space in one of your living room corners to create your very own bar. This personalized entertainment space can be adapted to fit into the smallest of spaces. You can also design it to pay homage to your preferred vacation spot. Stock it up with your drinks of choice along with the beverages you know your guests will enjoy.

Your Vacation Is Where Your Heart Is

While getting away from the familiar is the essence of any vacation, you can still make a vacation in familiar surroundings. All you need is to appease those triggers in your mind that put you in the mood to relax. Redesigning your space can go a long way in helping you achieve that tranquility.

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