Maintain a Healthy Digestive System With Quality Ingredients From Herbalife

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The body’s digestive system is the engine that propels the human body through a day’s activities. It’s also responsible for powering the immune system, absorbing and supplying nutrients to the bloodstream so the body can rebuild itself, and removal of waste products that the body generates. The better the digestive system works, the better the body feels and performs. Consuming quality ingredients and supplements is key to feeling and looking good, and Herbalife delivers on its promise of using the best ingredients that support an individual’s digestive system. Herbalife ingredients come from high-quality sources so consumers can feel confident about what they’re putting into their bodies.

Why the Body Needs Clean Nutrition

The human body works best when it’s supplied with foods and supplements that are simple, yet nutritious. The fewer additives a foodstuff or supplement contains, the better the body feels and functions. Eating foods that don’t have a sufficient balance of nutritional ingredients or are made from mostly one type of ingredient results in the body not getting what it needs. The body is at risk of becoming malnourished if the daily food consumption favors one or two main ingredients from food groups that aren’t known for their nutritive value. It’s best to seek out foods that have variety, fiber, and are loaded with nutrients to help with digestive function.

Supplementation Helps When It’s Not Possible to Eat Healthily

One of the plain and simple facts of life is that hunger should not be ignored. This leads to eating meals that are mass-produced and don’t supply the necessary nutrients required to get through the day without fatigue. Don’t feel guilty about eating poorly for a meal or two. Instead, don’t make it a habit and make sure to take nutritional supplements and carry quality snack foods that help reduce hunger pangs. Protein shakes are another option to help curb hunger pangs while supplying fuel and nutrition to sustain the body until a good meal can be sourced. Herbalife’s product catalog features these in-between meal solutions and is made with quality Herbalife ingredients for clean nutrition.

When it comes to digestive health, Herbalife Nutrition offers two popular dietary supplements: Simply Probiotic and Active Fiber Complex. These products are made with high-quality ingredients enjoyed by millions of people around the world.

Probiotics Increase Nutrient Absorption and Aid Overall Gut Health

Much is made about the benefits of probiotics on the digestive system. Probiotics, also known as gut flora, are bacterial and yeast microorganisms that reside in the intestines. Everyone has their population of gut flora, but sometimes that population isn’t the healthiest due to lifestyle and stress. Consuming probiotics in supplement form has the direct effect of increasing the population of the helpful microorganisms to improve digestion and immune response. A healthy probiotic population results in better food digestion and extraction of nutrients for the body to use. Probiotics have also been shown to improve outcomes from many types of health problems that are found in the digestive system.

The key to supplementing with probiotics is to use a product that packs millions of probiotics into each capsule at a minimum. Herbalife’s probiotic supplements provide one billion active probiotic cultures per serving and ensure that the digestive system maintains a healthy level of gut flora.

The Benefits of Fiber

Fiber helps the body with processing foods, lowers the risk of certain health conditions and cancers, and helps create a lasting feeling of fullness. It’s also prebiotic that aids in the production of gut flora. Fiber is found in fruits, vegetables, legumes, and grains, but surprisingly enough, not everyone gets enough fiber in their diet to help move things along. Supplemental fiber, either soluble or insoluble, helps make up for the lack of dietary fiber and helps maintain gut health. Herbalife’s fiber supplement is made from quality Herbalife ingredients and provides the benefits of fiber without excess and unnecessary ingredients.

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