Macrobiotic Diet – Questions & Answers

What is the best cooking method for the macrobiotic diet?

The macrobiotic diet allows for several ways to prepare and cook foods. Boiling, pressure cooking,

steaming and even quick sauteing are all acceptable. You may even be able to occasionally broil, bake or

even fry some foods. Stay away from using microwaves and other such electronic/unnatural ways of cooking.

macrobiotic diet QA

Can macrobiotics help with cancer treatment?

While there are some that say the macrobiotic diet can fight diseases. There is no medical conclusive evidence at this time that it will fight cancer. Eating a healthy diet such as the macrobiotic, can lower your risks of some diseases. Eating natural locally grown foods is a better choice than the artificial processed alternatives.

What are some of the problems with the macrobiotic diet?

One of the possible problems for some people is the lack of meats and animal products. Depending on a person’s health, not eating some meat products could result in a vitamin deficiency. If you have certain health related issues it is best to check with your doctor before trying plans like the macro diet. Depending on medications and treatments you are undergoing, it may not be a suitable diet for your needs.
Also, women who are pregnant may not get proper nutrition for their unborn babies by sticking to a strict macrobiotic diet. Again it is always best to consult a health professional before doing any diet.

Should I exercise while using the macrobiotic diet?

Like any healthy diet, regular exercise is important. Yes, you can and should exercise depending on your current health status. Walking, jogging or even the daily bike ride are all good choices. Yoga or some kind of aerobic exercise could also work for certain individuals.

What is the cost of the macrobiotic diet?

Basically, this diet doesn’t cost anything aside from the foods you need to consume. Since you will need to eat no matter what, we like to say there is no extra cost to do the macrobiotic diet. You don’t have to buy any diet plan or products and you can find most the information you need online.

Can I eat fruits on the macro diet?

Fruit can be consumed on the macrobiotic diet in small amounts. Most sources say to keep fruits to about two or three helpings a week. Since the macrobiotic diet calls for eating locally grown foods, it will be up to you to discover fruits that are natural to your local climate. You can also consume nuts and seeds according to the macrobiotic diet food list.

How can I cook for my family but still stick to a macrobiotic diet?

Many sources say that the macrobiotic diet is suitable for the whole family. However, your youngsters may need meats to fulfill a balanced eating plan. On the nights you serve the family meat, you can opt for one of the approved fish instead. You could also choose to eat soup in place of the other items that are not approved by the diet.

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