LSD and its side effects


LSD stands for D-Lysergic acid diethylamide and is referred by a lot more common names like acid, blotter acid, sunshine etc. It is odorless, colorless and also tasteless in nature and comes under the category of “hallucinogens” which simply means that this drug has the capability to induce hallucinating effects. Depending on the amount of intake, mood, and personality of the user along with other factors like surrounding, LSD tends to elevate the sensory input of the user while reducing the controllability at the same time. As a result, strong psychic effects are often experienced during the LSD trip which starts around 30 to 90 minutes after the intake depending on the amount of dosage. Despite being a Schedule I drug, it is commonly used in the rave parties and nightclubs. If you want to know what LSD actually does to the body and brain of the user, here is the complete guide to let you know in detail:

  1. Physical effects: In general, the intake of LSD is accompanied by an increased body temperature and even sweating in certain cases. The pupils get dilated along with an elevated heart rate and blood pressure. The user might also face, nausea and appetite loss as a result of LSD intake. In some cases, the conditions of the dry mouth, tremors as well as sleeplessness can be observed because of LSD. For the people who have a history of medical concerns, these effects can result in severe damage.
  2. Psychological effects: The effect of LSD usually lasts for around 10 to 12 hours varying with the amount of usage. During the period of an LSD trip, the user feels a distorted perception of time and even depth which means a psychological imbalance resulting in extreme anxiety. A high dosage of LSD might result in “bad trips” during which the user might experience terrifying thoughts and visuals along with intense fear of death and insanity. Apart from this, LSD trip also includes a disturbance in the perception of the shape and colors of the objects and intensifies the perception of sound, touch, and movement which can be disturbing sometimes.
  3. Inability to take rational decisions: One of the most severe effects of LSD intake is the lack of control of the body and this leads to fatal injuries at times. Under the influence of LSD, the user can indulge in risky and dangerous activities which can cause a lot of damage to others as well as to his own self. The ability to react to common dangers is also impaired as a result of this drug so a simple task such can climb a staircase might end up being fatal.
  4. Post-usage effects: The effects of LSD do not end after the trip itself, but tend to last a lot longer. One of the most common phenomena is the experience of disturbing flashbacks from the time of the trip, commonly referred as Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder or HPPD. During HPPD, the users feel effects of LSD intake without actually taking the drug in real. If there is a long-term usage of LSD, it’s the effects can surprisingly last for days and even months after the last intake. This simply implies that one cannot escape the effects of LSD by just quitting the usage. In some cases, users also tend to experience acute anxiety or depression after the LSD usage.
  5. LSD dependency: It is yet another concern related to LSD usage as the users get psychologically attached to the intake of this drug and find it very difficult to carry on without the usage.

Because of having prohibition of the legal distribution, the manufacturers produce LSD in an unregulated manner, thus making the user completely unaware of the actual composition of the drug. A user is left with no way to calculate the actual dosage and to predict the effects. This results in a badly unbalanced experience dwelling between a number of feelings and emotions as per the composition of the drug.

Conclusion: Having seen the ways in which LSD affects a person, the unpredictable nature of its effects is what actually makes LSD dangerous, even for the recreational purpose. Scientists are still trying to figure out the long-term effects of LSD abuse on the body, brain, and psyche.

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