Love Your Body at Any Age

As you age, you can be pretty hard on yourself.

In this youth-obsessed culture, women in particular are bombarded with gadgets, lotions, procedures and exercises that will lift, firm, erase or blast some body part. This constant messaging can deliver a blow to your self-esteem and body image. If you’ve had children, you’re especially vulnerable to this messaging because getting your body back seems almost impossible. After four kids, I can vouch for the fact that getting back to your old shape is hard work!

love your body

Getting your figure back is one thing, but the journey to loving your body is a process. So what can you do to love your shapes and curves during this stage in your life? Here are three tips to get you back on the road to body love:

Start with the positive

Trust me, there is something about your body that looks good. It could be your calves, your shoulders or your overall proportion. Once you identify your area that looks good, focus on keeping it in shape and accent it every chance you get. For example, if you have great legs, don’t wait until you get flat abs before you wear your favorite skirt. Put on that skirt and show those legs off today!

Know your numbers

Studies show that most men prefer a woman with some curves, so aiming for a model size of two or four is never a good idea. However, it’s important to know your critical numbers like blood pressure, body composition (e.g. lean body tissue, fat) and thyroid levels. Loving your body is not just about acceptance; you have to know these numbers in order to prevent future issues down the road. Don’t skip your appointments; do your best to stay on top of your health!

Know your body

If you have a muscular build, don’t try to get the results of someone with a lean build; you have to workout for your body type. The most basic body types are muscular, lean and somewhere in-between. Your workouts may look very different than your girlfriend’s program, but that’s okay, especially if you want to achieve certain results. Fitness training is a science, but it becomes an art when it’s your program; every body is different and responds to different fitness programs.

In case you are not confident about your body, you can work on it while being positive. For instance, if you believe you are not sexually healthy, try using different methods like chinese balls or kegel exercises.

Your goal in life isn’t about having the perfect body. In fact, being at peace with your body and better yet – loving it – can make all the difference in your self-esteem. Work with what you have, and embrace your curves. Make it a point to love something about your body everyday!

What body love challenges do you wrestle with on a regular basis?

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