Love vs. Lust ?

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If you’re like most women, you’ve undoubtedly asked yourself at one time or another if what you’re feeling towards someone you’re dating could be love.

Let’s face it, the dating world is already complicated — and it’s not getting any easier! To further complicate matters, our emotions don’t always make themselves clear.

So, love vs. lust — which one are you feeling? While there are no concrete rules to determine your heart’s true feelings, there are some subtle hints that can clue you into your emotions and make it easier to determine whether you’re truly in love or merely in lust with someone.

It’s Lust

Personally, I believe love can’t exist without lust — but they are definitely not one and the same. Lust can potentially develop into a loving relationship, but there’s no guarantee that it will.

Here are a few clues that may tell you you’re simply lusting after someone:

  • All you think about with that person is sex, 24/7
  • A lack of any “deep” emotions
  • No interest in the person other than for intimacy (i.e., you really don’t care about his day, his job — his life!)
  • You don’t really care if you go for weeks without speaking

Of course, there may be more signs you’re lusting after a guy, but these are definitely a clue as to your true feelings. If you can’t be bothered to spend time with him apart from the two of you getting intimate, that’s a definite sign that it’s lust you’re feeling, honey!

It’s Love

Granted, love is a considerably more complicated emotion than lust. True, lust can be a part of a loving relationship, but it’s not the be all/end all of a partnership.

Think you’ve caught the love bug? Here are a few signs that may confirm your feelings:

  • Sure, the sex is great, but you find yourself wanting to spend time with him simply for the sake of being around him
  • He’s always on your mind, and they’re not necessarily racy daydreams
  • You can talk to him for hours and not realize how much time has passed
  • You find yourself caring about the details of his life, both large and small

Ultimately, while these signs can help you determine your true feelings, your heart will be the best indicator of whether you love someone. If it feels like love, it probably is!

While there are no firm rules for differentiating between love vs. lust, the previous signs are a good indication of your true emotions.

Feelings are a tricky road to navigate, but listening to your heart will almost always get you the answers you’re searching for!

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