Losing Weight With ‘Bad’ Food?


With all the popular specialized diets, there are so many categories of “bad” foods. Carbohydrates and fat are the two biggest culprits in the “bad” category. But is it possible that foods considered bad by some can actually contribute to weight loss? Yes!

For years, red meat has gotten a bad wrap, primarily because of high cholesterol in those who tend to overeat in general. Chicken is billed as the “healthy” meat. However, red meat, like a lean cut of steak, contains approximately the same amount of saturated fat as chicken.

Ice cream is a “no-no” by any diet standard. However, if you’re dieting and feel the need to fulfill a sweet tooth craving, indulge in a scoop of sorbet. It tastes like ice cream but without the fat. A guilt-free pleasure regardless of your diet.

One of my favorite “bad” foods is peanut butter. It’s very high in both fat and calories. However, according to a study done by Brigham and Women’s Hospital, eating peanut butter makes dieters more likely to lose weight and, more importantly, keep that weight off!

Another high protein food that was put on the “bad” list for years is eggs. However, recent studies have shown that this protein-packed food is great to eat in the morning so that it’ll keep you fuller for a longer period of time.

As though we needed any more reason to drink coffee… Although too much coffee can contribute to high blood pressure and is without a doubt bad for those who suffer from heart problems, it actually encourages weight loss:

“Some studies have shown that caffeine speeds the metabolism and supresses the appetite. But drinking sugary soft drinks or adding lots of sugar and cream to your coffee will negate caffeine’s positive effects.”

Coconut is one of the yummiest supposedly “bad” foods that is very good for us. It gets a bad wrap because of its saturated fat content. However, coconut oil is said to speed up metabolism and encourage weight loss. I actually cook with coconut oil all the time. Because it can withstand high temperatures, it never turns into trans fat, the bad stuff.

Cheese is on this list because of the calcium it contains:

“Studies have shown that obese adults who eat diets high in dairy lose significantly more weight than those who do not. On the down side, cheese is usually high in fat and salt.”

Enjoy cheese in moderation, as eating too much of a good thing never contributes to weight loss — quite the opposite.

Almonds are of the most beneficial nuts. Even though they have a high fat content, it’s the good fat. So don’t overload on them but don’t shy away from them either. They are definitely a healthier option than a lot of the other snack options that are just as convenient.

Whether you’re on a low-fat, high-protein or all-carb diet, it’s important to get lean protein, good fat, and healthy carbohydrates, all in appropriate amounts. With that in mind you may as well enjoy the protein, fat, and carbs you’re eating without the guilt.

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