Losing Weight: Where You Go Wrong

It is the middle of the month and your weight loss plan has been working just fine. You are losing the weight as anticipated and you have projected that by the end of the month you will have lost 10 pounds. It is 31st and you can’t wait to hit the weighting machine, but something is a miss somewhere, you have a 2 extra pounds slapped hard onto your last weighting. Then it hits you, your weight loss plan was a total failure. You can’t help feeling depressed and the next thing you realize is you’re downing the female version of alcohol; ice cream with a superb lining of chocolate, that there is the first mistake. Welcome to the article, let’s work the mistakes all women do in weight loss.No matter how hard something is, you haven’t failed till you give up. Before declaring your plan a failure and running all the way to the ice cream store for some sort of “revenge”, take things into consideration. You may notice too late that you actually failed your own plan. You had everything going on well for you, the natural remedies were working just fine, and you registered less weight within the month, how comes then, that the last week of the month becomes the week some 2 pounds decide to settle in? Well, it only makes sense that you allowed the extra weight.

Look up your calendar, your diet plan is against too much fats and sugars but you indulged in chicken wings fest since it was Jane Doe’s birthday party not mentioning the brewery you made of yourself at the after party. You told your distraught self it would not happen again, but it seemed like all birthday parties were happening on the last week of the month, and every party had a direct line to a burger joint down street.

Losing weight is not a fashion, it is a matter of life and death, and you certainly don’t want a façade for a life. Bid goodbye to the hyped diets, we all are aware of those diets that advocate starvation in the name of instant weight loss. Picture this, pun unintended, you’re a big woman of over 200 pounds and a diet promises loss of 40 pounds in two weeks.

A total 80-pounds loss in 4 weeks but at a price of $19.99 for the e-book, your desperate need to lose weight may force you to make the purchase. How well do these so called weight gurus know about you or your lifestyle? You are the only person who hold the keys to beneficial weigh loss; weight loss without regaining at a later date. Their plan may work but for a while, to you it is problem, to them it is just return business!

Indiscipline does not only apply to behaviours. Follow your plan to the letter or if there is a deviation, let it be very minimal and necessary. You may say that you just missed the fries and burgers, but you certainly won’t miss your look in the mirror, it is your call. Be a principled woman.

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