Lose Weight with Sauerkraut Diet – Pros and Cons

The Sauerkraut Diet is a very popular losing weight programm

Pickling cabbage at home is a simple process to prepare and preserve this vegetable for winter, with the help of some microorganisms, such as bacteria. A simple recipe for traditional homemade sauerkraut (pickled cabbage) uses only cabbage, salt and time. What you need are 2 medium cabbage heads (4-5 lbs), cored and finely shredded, and 2 tbsp unrefined sea salt. The cabbage should stay in a recipient for pickling for at least seven days and up to three or four weeks.  Once the pickling process is done, the cabbage can be stored in cold places for at least six months.sauerkraut diet

The best thing about sour cabbage (sauerkraut) is that is really healthy. Home pickling preserves the vitamin C of the cabbage and more than that, eating sour cabbage brings good bacteria in the intestines improving the digestion and the immune system. Culture Beast – Modulators – effective against inflammation, increases the production of healthy cells in the body, reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol. Pickled Cabbage also contains anthocyanins – antioxidants, which are slowing the aging process, especially aging of the brain. In addition, the eating cabbage prevents heart disease and blood vessels, constipation and hemorrhoids. Level of calcium thrive diet absorption cabbage twice that of milk. Moreover, pickled cabbage has only 40 calories/100 grams, so it is perfect for weight loss diets.

With the sauerkraut diet, in three days you can lose 6 pounds and detoxify your organism. This type of diet is an ideal combination of detox diet and fat loss diet.

Sauerkraut diet plan includes:


On the first day it is recommended to eat nothing else but sauerkraut. The daily dose is about two or three pounds (approximately ±1 kilogram) which has to be divided in three meals. This day will boost your metabolism and will start the detox process. To reduce the salt content, you should rinse the cabbage with fresh water. Anyway, you do not have to worry about the water retention, because the sauerkraut has diuretic properties.


BREAKFAST: 1/2 pound of sauerkraut, plus some bread and a boiled egg.

LUNCH:  1/2 pound of sauerkraut, plus some diced apples.

DINNER: You can bake a dish containing 1/2 pound of sauerkraut, 2 potatoes, some milk, 0,17 ounces of butter, onions and some spices.


On the third day you can combine menus from two previous days as you wish.

Tips for a successful sauerkraut diet:

Pros for Sauerkraut Diet:

  • It is ideal for winter season.
  • You can lose in 3 day of diet up to 6 pounds.
  • It is cheap and low caloric.
  • Sauerkraut diet will provide your organism with vitamin C, vitamin B and calcium, phosphor, zinc and iron.
  • The natural lactic acid from sauerkraut purifies digestive tract and takes water out of organism.

Cons for Sauerkraut Diet:

  • It is a rigid, unbalanced diet, deficient in carbohydrates.
  • It may decrease performance, attention, reaction rate; there may be headaches.
  • You may experience bloating, mild abdominal cramps, diarrhea (in rare cases).
  • It does not provide any long-term plan for healthy eating, so the weight loss is going to be temporary.
  • Sauerkraut is contraindicated for people with hypertension, colitis, hyper-and hypo-thyroid activity or with kidney problems.
  •  Always ask your personal doctor or a nutritionist before trying a new diet.


Whether it is the Sauerkraut diet or any other diet for Weight loss you want to go on, you should first check in with an expert. Many diets do not return the same kind of advantages for all people. If you are allergic or do not know how your body is going to behave to the diet, you need to first check in with a qualified medical professional.

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