Lose weight with Rina’s Diet – The best of!

The Rina diet is a 90 days diet which guarantees a loss of 33-44 pounds (15-20 kg) of your weight. One of the advantages of this diet is that it changes your metabolism, so once you lose some pounds, you won’t get them back.rina diet

During Rina diet, for 90 day, you will have to repeat a cycle of 4 days as follows:

  • Day 1- proteins;
  • Day 2- vegetables;
  • Day 3- carbohydrates;
  • Day 4: fruits.

To achieve your goal, it is important not to skip any food from the menu.

Day 1 – Day of proteins

BREAKFAST – every breakfast is the same for the entire period: fruits- 2 pieces of apple, pear, banana, peaches;


  • 200 g of meat:  chicken, fish or turkey- cooked in the oven or boiled;

–          People who do not eat meat can have eggs or cheese;

–          The meat can be served with fresh salad, but without oil in the dressing;

–          You can also have 200 ml of soup without any noodles, after the meal, but again the diet will work without it. Milk and cheese can only be taken on this day.


  • the same menu as at lunch, but half of the quantity.

Day 2 – Day of starch – vegetables


  • fruits;


  • vegetables (beans, peas, green beans, corn, lentils, carrots, potatoes, rice etc) steamed, boiled or roast, seasoned with tomato sauce, ketchup and greens.


  • the same vegetables as lunch, but half the quantity.

Day 3 – Day of carbohydrates

BREAKFAST:  fruits;


  • boiled pasta or pizza, or any kind of pastries of the same amount as a pizza;


  • same as lunch or 2 small slices of cake or sweet bread, or even 3 scoops of ice-cream and 4 pieces of bitter black chocolate(with at least 80% cacao).

Day 4 – Fruit day – Day of vitamins

  • eat only fruits, vegetables, nuts and seed, every 2 hours.

Each 29-th day is for detoxification, so you will have to fast and drink only water.

Tips for a Successful Rina Diet

  • Do not skip any part of the diet; alternate days as written above;
  • Drink a lot of liquids: water, coffee (in the morning), unsweetened herbal teas;
  • Have fruits only for breakfast;
  • Maintain 2 hours at least between meals;
  • After finishing the 90 days of diet, for another 90 days, you will have to serve for breakfast only fruits.

If you are planning to follow Rina Diet, make sure you will ask your personal physician for professional advice.

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7 Responses

  1. Gabe says:

    I have a guestion when you do the 4 days does it have to go again in the same order protein,starch,carbs or you do you have to switch the around

    • Dragotoiu Cristina says:

      Yes…in the same order. This is the way to loose kilos because in these 90 days you will learn how to combine food in a healthy way. After these 90 days you Must keep the Rina 2 program to maintain your new body and lifestyle and change your metabolism forever. This diet is a life changing and trust me it works

  2. Eszter Kovacs says:

    Hi I would like to know if I can drink my coffee with stevia and milk every day because I drink my coffee with lots of milk . Can I replace milk with for exampleasure coconut milk or others? Thank you

  3. Valentina SMARANDA says:

    For the Fruit day, how many fruits are we allowed to eat?
    For a week I think I eat too much cherries and other fruits and there is no change in my weight (it’s true that I have lost already 10 kg since march)
    Thank you

  4. Sultanate says:

    Being an Indian can we have wheat Roti’s on carbs day

  5. Sultanate says:

    Can I have apple cider vinegar when on Rina diet

  6. Isoken Lorrietta Aigbe says:

    On protein day can I eat chicken for lunch and beef for Dinner?

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