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Losing weight can be very difficult for people who do not like putting effort and sweating but this is the most effective ways of getting and staying in shape. Motivation and mind setting are the keys to keep you from just eating and slouching.

Exercising doesn’t need to be all sweats and no fun. Nothing says working out has to be a total work. Have fun, it’s all part of having a healthy lifestyle.

There are ways on how to add a touch of enjoyment while cutting those fats and burning those calories. You may try these tips:


Put on your favorite music. Move to your own beat.

Who says putting on some rhythm doesn’t help? Walking or biking while listening to an upbeat music makes you want to walk or bike more because you won’t be able to keep track of the time you are already spending exercising.


Check out the latest tanning solutions and try fun, scented versions with funky, multi-colored sunglasses. Pack some flavored water and some frozen berries in your bag for breaks and have a sense-ational time.


Try out a new fitness class for fun. Enjoy a full water aerobics workout with less stress on your joints or a dance routine. No need to commit long-term, just ask about popping in for a class or two to check it out and enjoy.


Grab a fun fitness video or DVD. Crank up the sound when your favorite tunes come on and join the taped workout participants in the privacy of your own home.


Again, there’s no need to commit long-term. Just head on over and use the free or low-cost trial / invitational period and enjoy!


Make sure you write down your progress. Use your journal as a tool to keep you motivated. Add pictures of the body type you would like to get too in it or maybe a “before picture.”

Truly, diet and exercise does the trick in losing all those unwanted weight but keeping the weight off is the real challenge.

There are a lot of resources, books, journals, and researches featuring weight loss strategies but only a few tackles the ways on keeping your ideal weight. This makes losing weight not a problem anymore, but it’s the aftermath of it that is becoming the dilemma.

Should you ask if there are people who have been successful in maintaining their weight, the answer is still yes. Yes, there are those who became triumphant in their battle over unwanted pounds. So, what’s their secret?

You will be able to see below some of the few steps you may do in order to keeps those extra pounds off:
How to Maintain Weight Loss

But how to keep the results for a longer time ?

1. Start Small
Think about your current lifestyle, then decide on one or two healthier habits you could add into your life. Remember, they ought to be things you can maintain long-term.

Perhaps you could begin by simply having a healthy breakfast every day, or maybe you could determine that you will only eat when you’re hungry and when sitting at the dinner table. Whatever you choose, keep your goals small initially, then add to them as you move forward.

2. Keep a Journal
This tip has probably been repeated so often that it washes straight over your heard, but it’s a really important one. In fact, many people find it to be the single most important thing that helped them gain control of their weight.

If you haven’t tried it, perhaps now would be a good time to give journalling a go. You’ll want to note down everything you eat, including details of the time, place, cooking methods, and portion size, etc. You could also record your weight weekly in there, and perhaps make a note of any emotional eating, if this is a problem for you too.

3. Don’t “Diet”
Don’t you hate the word diet? I know I do! The very term itself has such negative connotations.

A fancy weight loss diet isn’t necessary for weight loss. In fact, you’d probably do a lot better if you just stopped dieting, and instead focused on eating fresh, whole foods most of the time.

The problem with maintaining your weight loss on a “diet,” is that most of them don’t teach you what to do after you’ve lost the weight, they’re all about the short-term weight loss.

Also, be realistic about what you want to achieve. This is something else I’ve noticed again and again in the recent Share posts–people want to lose too much weight too quickly. So, try not to set yourself up for a big fall by saying, “I want to lose 30 pounds in two weeks!” Disappointment will sabotage your weight loss efforts, set realistic goals instead.

4. Try a Portable Motivator
This could be an image of you at your heaviest/lightest/fittest–whatever works best for you.

The idea is that it will motivate you to continue. So, if you begin to notice your resolve slipping a little pull out your portable motivator, and remind yourself of what you’re aiming for.

5. Stick With It
Successful losers will tell you it gets easier with time.

Studies show that people who have successfully maintained their weight loss for 2-5 years have a much better chance of longer-term success. I know 2-5 years seems like a long time, but weight loss is about change for life, so take it in small baby steps, and you’ll get there.

According to the The National Weight Control Registry, successful losers have reported engaging in:

* High levels of physical activity (approximately 1 hour per day)
* Eating a low-calorie, low-fat diet
* Eating breakfast regularly
* Self-monitoring weight
* Maintaining a consistent eating pattern across weekdays and weekends

6. Address Weight Gain Early
How many times have you started dieting, been doing really well, then all of a sudden–BANG–you’re back to square one. What on earth happened?

Usually, it’s the result of not monitoring how you’re doing consistently, so you don’t notice things going off a little. To avoid this make sure you keep a consistent check on things, and put the brakes on any weight gain before it gets out of hand again.

7. Take Regular Exercise
Despite Time Magazine’s recent bunk article, the fact remains that those who continue with some kind of exercise routine are much more likely to maintain their weight loss.

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