Lose 14 lbs with the 7 day General Motors diet plan!

Since each year, the US companies spend a lot of their financial resources on health insurances and benefits for their employees, they all become interested into the wellness programs. These programs can include a wide range of wellness initiatives, from free gym memberships and fitness plans to customized nutrition advice, meal-planning tools and even free healthy meals. Anything for healthier employees and lower health insurance payments!

In this spirit, General Motors Corporation, one of the greatest employers in US, developed for its employees and dependents the General Motors Diet. The GM Diet  program is based on a 7 day diet plan and promises the followers to lose up to 12-14 lbs of fat. Due to its proven fast weight reducing results, this diet program shortly become very popular.

The GM Diet plangm diet

Day 1 GM Diet

The GM diet plan begins with one day of fruits only. During this day, dieters can have any fruit, except bananas, at anytime. Watermelon, oranges, cantaloupe, pomegranate, peaches are the most recommended fruits. This day is actually designed to detoxify the whole body system and, to make the detoxification possible, it is recommended to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water. Having only fruits and lots of water can help lose significant amounts of body fat on the very first day.

Day 2 GM Diet

If day 1 was for fruits, day 2 is the vegetables day!  Dieters may serve any vegetables from green leafy vegetables to starchy potatoes. This day is meant to boost the fiber intake and to regulate the sugar levels from the first day.

Day 3 GM Diet

The third day of the diet plan combines vegetables and fruits.  Any fruit or vegetable is allowed, except (of course) bananas. It is recommended to have small meals, consumed within an hour or two. Small meals at regular intervals can provide constant energy. Dieters can eat 5 to 6 small meals.

Day 4 GM Diet

During this day, the forbidden bananas for the last 3 days are not forbidden anymore! The maximum banana ratio equals eight bananas and they can be accompanied by three glasses of milk. The bananas are for the potassium and the sodium lost in the past three days. Vegetable soups are also included in the menu!

Day 5 GM Diet

The fifth day is dedicated to proteins and beef is the star of the day. Beef is a great source of proteins, fibers and vitamin, and it does not have to be consumed in large amounts just to fulfill the cravings of one’s appetite.

Day 6 GM Diet

This day seems to be the cheat day, because followers can eat all the beef and vegetables they want. Anyway, no one will eat by an exaggerated manner, because everybody will feel motivated by the 10 pounds lost in the previous 5 days of dieting. Not only the figure will have a nicer shape, but the skin also will look healthier and glowing.

Day 7 GM Diet

Back to veggies! In the last day of the diet, the GM dieters cannot eat any meat, but they can have some starches from boiled brown rice which is now allowed. The rice provides instant energy to the body keeping it active for the whole day. It can be served with fresh green boiled vegetables or fruits.

The GM Diet tips:

  • follow strictly the diet plan for a week;
  • do not exaggerate with the food quantity;
  • do 30-40 minutes of physical exercises each day; if 30-49 is too much for you, 10 minutes of regular exercise are mandatory for effective outcomes;
  • water is an important aspect of this diet; at least 8-10 glasses of water every day shouldn’t miss from the daily routine.
  • follow this program once in a month to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Disadvantages of General Motors Diet plan:

  • Dieters may experience hunger, weakness, heat and sweating and an increased metabolic rate, especially during the first three days of the diet.
  • The diet cannot be followed by pregnant women, people with hypertension, diabetes, or with any other heart related problems.


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