Lose 10 pounds with the 3 Hour Diet

 A miracle food? Unfortunately, no…

The 3 Hour Diet does not imply a miracle food which helps you lose a lot of weight over a few hours. It is a diet which helps you lose 10 pounds in two weeks, eating small meals every three hours. 3 hour diet

The 3-Hour Diet weight-loss plan was developed by Jorge Cruise, a fitness trainer who claims that by eating frequently and watching portion control, 10 pounds can be lost in two weeks. The diet is based on the idea that eating more frequently throughout the day can boost your metabolism and help you lose weight.

Even if it is not scientifically proven, it might be true, because the organism burns more calories to digest smaller and more frequent meals, than larger and not so often meals. Frequent meals force your body to reset constantly the metabolism.

The eating plan is nutritionally balanced, including protein, carbohydrates, and fruits and vegetables, present at each meal. To control easier the portions, the 3-Hour Diet compares the sizes of the serving in terms which are easy to visualize, such as a deck of cards, ping pong ball or Rubik cube. Jorge Cruise believes that learning to eat the right portion, at the right time, you will lose weight.

Details concerning this diet are presented in The 3-Hour Diet: How Low-Carb Diets Make You Fat and Timing Makes You Thin.

The 3 Hour Diet tips:

  • The daily calorie intake should be between 1,400 and 2,000, so count your calories;
  • Eat within one hour of waking up and do not eat within three hours of going to bed;
  • Eat every three hours over the day
  • “Portions are very important, as well as timing,” says Jorge Cruise. – Dieters should eat at every 3 hours and should not exaggerate the size of the serving.

3 Hour Diet: Sample meal plan

7.00 A.M. – Breakfast

Apples, walnuts, and yogurt

10.00 A.M – Snack

2 cups of carrots

01.00 P.M. – Lunch

Cold shrimp platter with mango, onion, tomato, and chickpeas

3.00 P.M. – Snack


6.00 P.M. – Dinner

Chicken teriyaki

Chocolate strawberries

3 Hour Diet: Pros

    1. Portion control is a useful diet aid.
    2. Frequent eating can help decrease appetite.
    3. Eating so frequently encourages your metabolism to be much higher.
    4. The 3-Hour Diet book has chapters that tackle emotional overeating, as well as topics such as weight-loss plateaus, useful for people who know what it’s like to struggle with their weight.
    5. Recipes available for meat lovers, carbs lovers, vegetarians

3 Hour Diet: Cons

  1. If you are not watching calories, you may end up overeating.
  2. The diet does not work for everyone.
  3. Many people don’t have time to eat every three hours.
  4. Exercise is not part of the plan.
  5. The diet may be pretty expensive.
  6. It doesn’t have any scientifically support.




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