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stay active

Being active is the key to success when it comes to looking and feeling young. It’s no secret that the older you get the harder it is to maintain your physical condition. However even though staying in shape may be difficult, as you get older it becomes more and more important to stay active and keep up your health. There are loads of studies backing the claim that exercise helps you live longer. You can drastically reduce the risk of certain diseases and actually improve your quality of life.

After all, quality of life should be your number one goal with any diet or exercise regime. By strengthening your joints you can increase your range of motion and reduce the amount of joint pain you feel. Those who make exercise and activity a part of their lifestyle can look young and feel young.

  • Don’t Stop Moving – If you’re out and about taking care of errands or you work during the day make sure that you fit your exercise in before you stop moving. Once you come home, put on some comfy clothes and kick up your feet it becomes a lot more difficult to get back up again and work out. Even if it means going for a walk around the block when you get home before you go inside don’t underestimate the effects that a little exercise can have.
  • Attend an Aerobics Class – Most gyms offer free aerobics classes at various times throughout the week. These classes are a great way to have fun in a group environment. With the support of friends or family it makes it easier to keep going. As well there are a variety of classes to fit your needs and interest. They range from cycling and stomach toning to water aerobics and Zumba.
  • Do Some Yard Work – Mowing the lawn or tending the garden is a great way to get out and be active. You can enjoy the fresh air and your handy work tending to the yard. Gardens require constant maintenance which means that you’ll need to be dedicated to getting out there every day and doing some work. So pass on the next yard work flyer you get at your front door, and go out and do it yourself!

Remember that getting in shape and being fit isn’t easy… But it is definitely worth it. Getting started with a new diet or exercise plan is always the most challenging part. Once you get past the first week or so you will start to see and feel the benefits of being in shape. You shouldn’t only plan for your financial future, make sure you take into account your physical well being as well.

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