Look Perfect in Skinny Jeans with this Workout

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We go to the gym for various reasons.  It could be to lose some pounds, develop muscles or simply to maintain a healthy working body.  Or it could also be because lately you’ve been squeezing and jumping into your jeans to no avail.

Now you can slip into your jeans with the magic of Skinny Jeans Workout.  As the name implies, this routine will cut the fats from your core, butt, and thighs–or as instructor Lisa Grimmer told CNN, “anything placed in your jeans.” The Skinny Jeans Workout will have you zipping up at the drop of a hat.

Jessica Ordona, who takes the class and hates the way her stomach hangs over her jeans, tells CNN:

“It’s different than your typical workout class,” she says. “It’s not high-impact cardio, but you’re sweating the whole time because you’re working every muscle group.”

The exercises work by tightening up the core muscles, improving posture, and even strengthening the shoulder girdle. Obviously, spot training doesn’t work miracles, but regulars say they’re dropping a pant size or two in just a few months from the twice weekly workout.

Now isn’t this good news for you? No need for alterations and no need to buy a bigger size; there’s a certain exercise that will get you slipping smoothly back into your favorite denims in no time.

Now, how it works ?

Many health enthusiast can testify that aerobics has been a fast and effective method for losing weight on specific body places. For a maximized calorie burning effect in aerobics workout, include step aerobics into your regular routine. An elevated platform is being used called the “step”. Step aerobics is great for toning the body and burning calories. Its routines are something that you can do at home with the help of workout videos or there are lots of gyms where there are classes for all levels from beginners to advanced. The basic step aerobics routines involve the A-step, Charleston and diagonal steps.


The A-step is the most basic step that you will need to learn for any simple step aerobics routine. Basically you have to place one foot and then the other on top of the step and then stepping the first foot and then the other back to the floor. The right-basic-A-step would involve stepping right foot up, then returning to the floor alternating right then left.


The person stands at an angle to the step. The left foot is nearer to the step than the right foot. The right foot is placed on the step. The left foot is placed near to the corner of the step and the knee is raised or kicking or tapping is done. The left foot is moved to the initial position. The right foot is brought down from the step and lunged backwards.


The person stands along the length of the step at one corner such that the step is towards his left. The left foot is placed at the center right of the step. The right foot is placed at the top left of the step. The left foot is placed on the floor near the corner of the step that is diagonally opposite to the initial position. The right foot is placed adjacent to the left step. The above procedure can also be performed by replacing left by right and vice versa.

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