Living Better to Prepare for What’s to Come

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You’ve signed up for a fun-themed 5k with your coworkers. You’re watching what you eat. You want to stay in shape. Why? You’re striving to feel better about your body and yourself. In modern times, we’ve become increasingly health conscious, so we can enjoy all aspects of life. We can live to see our children and our kid’s children grow.

Finding a balance and devoting yourself to being a healthy person with a full life isn’t easy. We’re constantly tempted by commercials on TV for the next gut-busting burger from our favorite fast food restaurant. And potlucks at the office are especially effective in luring us from our desks to grab that pastry.

But, you want a better life. Being fit and active is certainly something to strive for to aging. And it’s not just physical health you’re concerned with. Humans are much more than the physical. We’re the mental, too. We’re constantly tackling new feats and pushing ourselves to be more. We want more athletic, more intelligent, and more successful.

In putting our best foot forward, we search for meaning in our lives. Maybe that means pursuing a passion or finding a new career. The University of California in Los Angeles student life website offers suggestions on internships and jobs postings. Other institutions of higher learning are doing the same. In the age of the internet, we have access to tons of information, just waiting for us to read about. We want excitement and purpose in our lives, so we seek it out and use it to our advantage. Improving our lives and enjoying each day for all it offers is essential for growth.

But in the end, when the flowers are no longer in bloom and it’s just not easy doing the things you once loved, what do you have to show for your life? We all hope to leave something behind, a piece of us, for future generations. With all this adventurous living, we hope to leave an indelible mark on society. Maybe we will, but in the short term, our family needs to move on without us. Of course, there’s the natural grieving process. Everyone goes through it. Memories of the deceased won’t pay the bills or cover funeral expenses.

Many consumers turn towards life insurance policies to assist their families when the inevitable happens. Two main types of life insurance are on the market, each markedly different from the other. Term life vs whole life insurance is fundamentally the same in the sense that both offer piece of mind when planning for your family’s future. However, term life is taken out for periods of time, in various increments from one to thirty years. Upon death, the benefit pays out the total amount agreed upon when the policy was first signed.

Whole life insurance, on the other hand, has specified term; it covers a person’s entire life. The most significant difference between this policy type and term insurance is that monthly premiums are higher because a portion of what is paid in goes into investments like stocks and trades. People who own whole life policies can borrow against the equity. Some consumers look at it as a retirement fund.

The decision on which type of life insurance policy is right for you depends on your family’s needs. Buying a policy is a necessary step in living life to its fullest. We want to be healthy to enjoy our lives with our loved ones, but we need to prepare for the future and ensure they can continue to live the good life once we’re gone.

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