Liver Detoxification – The Signs and Steps to Check!


Do you know that not just your heart, but even your liver is one of the toughest working organs in the body? Our liver has a double role. It is an important digestive organ as well as the main organ for detoxification, which our body is naturally doing regularly.

But our unhealthy eating habits have overburdened our livers, and as a result, our liver is crying out for help!

Signs Your Liver Needs to Detox

  1. Excessive fat at abdominal, or roll around the upper abdomen

  2. Abdominal bloating

  3. Discomfort or pain over liver which is at the right upper abdominal region under the rib cage

  4. Heartburn or acid reflux

  5. You’ve had your gallbladder removes

  6. Problem digesting fatty foods

  7. Rosacea or acne or blotchy and itchy skin

  8. The unexplained gain in weight

  9. Dark spots on the body, also known as liver spots

  10. Excessive perspiration or overheating of the body

  11. Inability to lose weight even under strict diet

Other symptoms you need to watch are fatigue, high blood pressure, triglycerides, high levels of cholesterol, depression, mood swings, snoring, yellowish lump around the eyes, or sleep apnea. Such signs indicate you need to have a detox action and bring changes in your lifestyle and diet to heal the liver.

All such signs indicate that your liver is clogged or blocked with unhealthy fat, which is in extreme cases known as fatty liver. When this happens, the cells that help to digest food become swollen with fat and the liver is not capable of filtering out the substance being passed through it. Remember that the liver works to clean out used blood and return essential nutrients to the heart.

If the condition is not cured, then this can result in entering of toxins in your body. The liver is also used to clean the blood. If the blood is not cleaned properly, then the unclean blood enters into the heart. As a result, the toxins enter into the heart and can damage your immune system and heart.

What Results in Fatty or Clogged Liver?

Individuals who do not consume alcohol can get deposit non-alcoholic fatty liver ailment. Even NAFD has a direct correlation to people consuming high carbohydrate diet and who consume too much processed food or items high in sugar. All this can result in clogged liver and deposit of fatty liver in the body.

Besides this, we are exposed to high levels of toxins such as water contaminants, chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, electromagnetic radiations, and food preservatives through the air, water, food, and home products. Such toxins enter into the body and buildup on liver, bowel, kidney, lymphatic system, and particularly lead to the fat issue. With high levels of toxic build-up, our body is not able to work properly and utilize the nutrients, proteins, and carbohydrates properly. All this even hampers our body’s ability to uptake oxygen and hence generate septic, acidic, and low-energy condition prone to ailments.

When our liver works hard to filter out all such toxins, it is left with very less energy to filter drugs, blood, and hormones to hence most of tend to deposit fat in our body. (Read more)

Easy Steps to Detox Your Liver

  1. The first easy step to reduce the load on your liver is to reduce the exposure to air-borne toxins like smoke, cleaners, gasoline, perfumes, nail polish, glue, and paint. Additionally, you must reduce consumption of toxins in drink and food like alcohol dyes, fertilizers, preservatives, pesticides, heavy metals, contaminated water, brominated and chlorinated products.

  2. The second important step is to alter your eating habits. For this, you need to remove foods that are damaging to your liver. It is essential to eliminate processed foods, sugar, and simple carbohydrates. Remove poor quality oils and limit alcohol consumption immediately. Additionally, you must switch over to consuming more organic food and check for food intolerances if any.

  3. The next step is to add more supportive foods to your diet. This is vital to aid in repairing your damaged liver. Consume lots of raw vegetables, fruits, and especially dark green leafy vegetables.

  4. Lastly, you can always use supportive nutrients and herbs to rebuild your liver’s health. B-complex, E, C, and natural beta-carotene are essential to maintaining your liver health. At the same time, you must consume specific amino acids.

Remember, if you have a clogged liver, you will not be able to digest and remove the toxins properly. Hence, plan liver detoxification as this will improve your digestion, boost weight loss process and prevent you from experiencing various life-threatening diseases. Contact a Nutritionist who will guide you with the diet plan for the detoxification

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  1. Jimmy R. says:

    For Detoxification try doing diet and work out to remove all toxins inside the body.

  2. ekatva says:

    Adding garlic to the diet may also help stimulate the liver.

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