Liposuction Guide: Everything to Know About Liposuction for Men

When you look at the mirror, what do you see?

Are you happy? Are you mad at yourself? Are you disappointed?

Millions of men suffer from low self-esteem and confidence. A primary reason is due to disturbed body image.

Weight loss is not simple for everyone, nor is it the end of the road for some. Men can have issues with weight like women.

Liposuction for men is available for those who want to be closer to their ideal body.

Maybe you are having trouble with a particular spot or you want to show off those abs you always knew you had.

Liposuction offers great results for men, and you can be one of those great results, too. Keep reading for more insight.

Liposuction for Men

Several factors influence weight. For example, hormonal issues can cause a disturbance in normal testosterone levels for men. It is even responsible for how and where fat is distributed.

This is the reason why weight loss is different among men. Some will lose weight in their stomach first. For others, it is the last to go.

All hope is not lost if you have a hard time losing that last bit of weight. Getting a better-sculpted body is possible thanks to liposuction that is steadily on the rise among men.

What Is Liposuction?

Liposuction has been around since the 1980s and was regarded to be exclusive to women. But decades later, men find the benefits liposuction has in eliminating fat in as little as a single procedure.

In the last five years alone, liposuction has risen in popularity. It is the top surgical procedure completed by men. Tens of thousands are completed in America alone each year.

Lucky for men, liposuction yields better results as their skin retains elasticity longer than females. Even their fat is firmer. Women are more likely to have softer fat and thus more prone to cellulite.

Liposuction is able to achieve what working out and eating right cannot achieve. That is, it can permanently get rid of some fat cells in the body. A good second outcome is that it will make gaining weight (in fat) easier to lose.

This procedure is done by making little incisions in the desired area. A thin tube is then inserted to suction the fat cells. Before this is done, the fat is often liquified or broken down first. Doing this will leave less swelling and bruising post-operation.

Why Men Want Liposuction

Wanting to feel and look masculine is important for men. It may be for self, but it can also be due to societal or work pressure. There may be an internal or external conflict with men who begin to feel less of themselves when they don’t have chiseled abs.

Liposuction helps those dealing with that situation. It helps men become younger, thinner versions of themselves.

Those who want to achieve a better body by trimming, toning, and tightening their problem area is also possible. Most men, especially older men, tend to accumulate fat mostly around their belly. They may have “love handles” or a “potbelly” they are self cautious about.

Others may struggle with fat around the neck, chin, or chest. In fact, most men who seek liposuction have a condition known as gynecomastia. Getting rid of the “man boobs” with liposuction works.

Men may have muscles hiding underneath some fat. Liposuction can help with the finishing touches to show those muscles.

Common Questions on Liposuction

Men who want to get liposuction are also curious about three main things:

  1. Results
  2. Cost
  3. Potential Side Effects 

You should research where to have it and which doctor, too.

The best liposuction for men is done at the right location. Your pick on a doctor will matter more than the equipment.

Results are apparent immediately, but final results will not show until the swelling is completely healed. This varies and can range from 2-8 weeks.

Keep in mind that liposuction is NOT a weight-loss procedure. Those who are significantly overweight are not the best candidates. It’s only used as a tool to target fat resistant to diet and exercise.

The cost will depend on the area you live and the surgeon. You should also take into account how much liposuction you need. The more surface area there is to do, the higher the cost. You are likely to pay for liposuction completely out of pocket as it is a cosmetic procedure.

Unique techniques may be needed for men whose anatomical features are different from women. Men have more fibrous tissue that is tougher to remove, so complementary work may be combined.

Liposuction can safely remove fat with very little down-time.

That said, there are side effects to be watchful for, though most are minor. The main expected side effects are bruising and swelling. This is expected to resolve on its own in a few weeks.

Side effects to look out or are infection, lack of sensation, and fluid accumulation. Though rare, they may occur and should be reported.

Guys Can Get the Body They Want, Too

When it comes to liposuction for men, it can be a great way to banish trouble spots.

Working out at the gym is wonderful, but it may not give the best results for everyone. This is because no matter how much you work on a specific muscle (arm, legs, stomach), it is impossible to spot reduce in that area alone.

In the end, the body decides where it will lose fat; not you. Therefore, liposuction is ideal for those who cannot achieve the results they want in the gym.

Whether you want to lose a few pounds or show off the muscles you have earned, liposuction is an excellent option for men, just as much as it is for women.

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