Let’s Create A Cooking Recipe Application

Enjoying healthy foods and constantly looking for some healthful recipes? The search online might take a long time, and after you find what you need the problem is to save it, as rewriting the recipe isn’t the most convenient approach.

The best way out is to apply for cook recipe applications that are turning more and more popular these days. Why not build your own platform of this kind to help other people stay healthy as well? Let’s figure out what it takes to start such a project.

How to decide on the technology stack to apply

# Mobile OS

Primarily, you shall pick out the platform(s) you plan your app to run: Android or/and iOS. Instead of pointing a finger at the sky, it’s wiser to define what devices your targeted audience applies the most. In case they’re more fond of Apple gadgets, it makes sense to create an iOS solution.

# Native or cross-platform

Obviously, you’d like to succeed, thus, when you build a recipe app, you have to make sure it’ll work for all platforms. The choice between Android and iOS development shall take place only at the very beginning. As soon as the service starts driving good money, it’s the right time to enhance the capacity.

The native approach signifies separate development for each platform, while the cross-platform technique means you build an application to support both iOS and Android devices. Clearly, the second method will take less time or money.

# Architecture choice

On the whole, there exist two options: microservice or monolithic approach. The first method is more flexible, moreover, it’s simpler regarding its management (the system will consist of many services which are not very dependent on each other). Monolithic architecture helps with making one interconnected product which will turn pretty complicated and somewhat inconvenient.

# Programming language

There are too many variants of languages for writing a program, and it might actually turn close to impossible to catalogue all.

The choice you make on each aspect mentioned above will affect the efficiency of your platform, its scalability potential, and, of course, development costs. By the by, you could find a good number of useful APIs that can ease the building process.

Essential features

Charging from the users’ point of view, cooking recipe solutions shall offer the below possibilities:

  • Log-in. First thing first. Users need to register and check in to take advantage of the service.
  • Profile. Certain personal details need to be provided. In case a person gets registered by means of a social network, the data from that account could be extracted from it.
  • Content. The first screen shall provide people a full list of diverse recipes.
  • Filters. It might be difficult to find the needed recipe in such a huge variety of options, thus, various sorting and filtering means are important to be provided with the possibility to search for a recipe according to specific characteristics.
  • Recipe details. Before starting cooking the meal, people need to take a look at the ingredients and learn the food preparation process to decide if this is what they’d like to try.
  • Videos. Detailed descriptions are great, but video clips are much better. Seeing with the own eyes will help to catch every single nuance of the process.
  • Food value. Today many people keep diets and calculate the nutrition values of their meals. Such a feature will help people cook and eat healthy.
  • Favorites. People might look for a recipe to cook later, so they’ll appreciate it to have a chance to save that recipe in their “Favorite” category.
  • Social media integrations. Users will enjoy the possibility to share some info on their social network pages. And, the “Share” option is to allow people to post some pictures and recipes on Instagram, FB, and other platforms.
  • Recipe addition. Don’t neglect to take advantage of the aggregator model to facilitate the collection of materials. Moreover, users might also want to add their special recipes supplementing them with short videos and photos.
  • Meal planning. It’s such a helpful tool to be able to plan the menu that includes the recipes of a particular app.
  • Reviews. People like rating the recipes provided, as well as the program in general. Plus, it’s pretty nice to be able to read the feedback on a specific recipe before you decide to cook it.
  • Settings. Users will prefer to set their accounts in a convenient way, so they shall have all the required instruments.
  • Pushes. Being almost indispensable for the majority of digital products, this functionality will bring value to the users of recipe cooking systems as well.

In the process of development remember to add features that admins will require. Those people will need to manage various aspects, for instance, financial transactions, the audience, content, etc.


Apparently, such development will require certain investments, however, if you create an advanced resource, you’ll easily manage to successfully monetize it. For this kind of service, the most applicable are in-application advertising, freemium approach, subscriptions, and in-app purchases. So, you’ll make it all work out to your advantage.

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