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Mental health cases have increased over the years, affecting one in every five Americans. Generally, many factors can contribute to mental illnesses, including traumatic life experiences, physical illness, and injuries. Practices such as yoga and meditation can help improve your mental health problems.

Substance abuse and addiction also alter and affect your mental wellness. If you are struggling with a mental health issue, the Park Slope forensic and addiction psychiatrist David Salvage, M.D. can help you recover. Contact his office today or book your appointment online.

Dr. Salvage focuses on forensic psychiatry, providing a witness for various criminal and civil matters. He also offers the following services.

Cognitive therapy

Negative thinking affects your life more than you think, especially regarding your mental health. Cognitive therapy helps fight negative thinking and encourage positive attitudes in your life. It involves and helps evaluate the following,

  •         The effect that negative thinking has on your mental health
  •         Use coping mechanisms to modify the way you think, react, behave
  •         Unhelpful thinking that leads to learned negative behavioral patterns

Dr. Salvage uses cognitive behavioral therapy to help you control learned habits that harm your life. The treatment provides you with tools to help you address your psychological issues and better your life.

Dr. Salvage uses cognitive therapy to treat:

  •         Depression
  •         Sleep disorders
  •         Anxiety and phobias
  •         Substance abuse
  •         Post-traumatic stress disorder
  •         Relationship issues
  •         Obsessive-compulsive disorders

Ketamine infusion treatment

Ketamine infusion therapy is an alternative treatment for antidepressants, especially when your symptoms don’t improve. The treatment is safe, easy, and quick, with few to no side effects. It is an effective treatment for depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Ketamine infusion therapy takes about 40 minutes and about 20 minutes to relax after the procedure. Dr. Salvage monitors your blood pressure, heart rate, and pulse oxygenation to ensure ketamine does not interfere with either of them.

The treatment involves six infusions for two weeks, and you are good to go.


Many individuals suffer from depression affecting their lives and even leading to suicides. Depression severity varies from moderate to severe, affecting your thoughts and emotions. It may occur in different forms, including:

  •         Persistent depressive disorder
  •         Major depression
  •         Postpartum depression

Depression may cause the following signs:

  •         Anxiety
  •         Loss of interest
  •         Sleep issues
  •         Overwhelming sadness and emptiness
  •         Fluctuations in weight
  •         Fatigue

Post-traumatic stress disorder

This health disorder occurs after experiencing a traumatic event. Usually, the effects remain even after the event has passed.

PTSD is common with soldiers, sexually abused women, the sudden death of a loved one, and natural disaster survivors. The symptoms of PTSD are different with every person, occurring months or years after the incident. The common PTSD symptoms include:

  •         Mood disorders
  •         Startling easily
  •         Nightmares
  •         Flashbacks
  •         Feeling tense and jumpy
  •         Cognitive problems
  •         Avoiding certain situations or places

Dr. Salvage works with you to determine the right treatment plan for you, and restore your life.

Talk to a forensic psychiatrist today

Mental health is a key to living a better and more fulfilling life. Dr. Salvage understands the effect mental health problems can have on your life, hence resolves to provide treatments and help promote your living. Kindly contact his office today to book your consultation.

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