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Many people develop some complications when exposed to factors that usually do not harm them. Allergies make an individual experience some difficulties that put their health at risk. Many people suffer blindly and take it as an ordinary thing. There is a need to address this condition and that is why it is wise to consult an allergist in Surprise, AZ, for more information and treatment approaches. To enhance a better understanding of this condition, here is what you should know.

What are Allergies?

Have you ever wondered why some individuals develop complications when exposed to the environment or particular food? This is because of allergies. An allergy is a reaction that occurs in the body when it releases antibodies against antigens that do not harm the body. The immune system usually rejects airborne substances, food, and various objects. Agents that cause allergies are referred to as allergens.

Types of Allergens

Several allergens cause allergic reactions. The allergens usually stimulate the body’s immune system to produce antibodies against these allergens, which are not harmful. The allergens include the following;

  •   Pollen. When the pollen is inhaled, they make the body’s immune system react against it, causing an allergic reaction.
  •   Dust mites. When the dust mites come into contact with an individual, it also causes the immune system to react against them.
  •   Eggs. This is the most common allergen amongst many individuals. The immune system perceives the egg’s protein as being harmful. The immune system fights back, causing an allergic reaction.
  •   Insects and insect venom. Some individuals’ immune system reacts when they come into contact with specific insects or their poisons.
  •   Milk. Milk usually has a high content of protein. Some individuals are allergic to milk protein which makes the immune system overreact. The individual’s antibodies fight against the antibodies in the milk.
  •   Medication. Some medications also act as allergens where they stimulate the body to produce antibodies causing allergic reactions.

Other allergens include chemicals, shellfish, fish, and many more.

Common signs and symptoms of allergy

Generally, the symptoms associated with this condition vary from person to person. This depends on how one gets exposed to the allergens. However, these are the most common symptoms that show in all individuals with the condition:

  •   Constant sneezing is usually accompanied by itching and a runny nose.
  •   Shortness of breath when an individual is wheezing and coughing.
  •   Having swollen lips.
  •   Pain in the stomach and constant vomiting and diarrhea.

If you experience such signs and symptoms, please visit a hospital as soon as possible for further treatment.

Treatment procedures for allergies

Generally, there is no cure for this condition. However, doctors can help you overcome the reaction by developing approaches that manage symptoms related to it. Here are the treatment approaches for the situation;

  1. Taking Allergy Medication

There are prescribed medications that mainly assist individuals in managing their reactions towards the allergens. The medicines may intervene when the allergic reaction occurs or before they occur.

  1. Immunotherapy

When medications are not helpful, doctors recommend immunotherapy. An individual must take small doses of allergens to help the body build an immune system that will tolerate the allergens slowly.

Get Allergy Treatment Today

Allergic conditions may hinder you from your daily routine, such as taking a balanced diet. This is why Ear, Nose & Throat Doctors & Allergists located in Surprise, AZ, provides treatment services to all individuals today. Please make a booking as soon as possible.

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