Learn How You Can Prevent Back Pain

Back pain can significantly alter your quality of life, with simple routine activities such as walking, bending, and getting out of bed becoming taxing. It is an all-too-familiar problem that can result from an accident, a fall, or gradually develop due to structural spine changes that come with age. The pain intensity can be dull or a sharp one that leaves you incapacitated depending on the cause of your problems which Dr. Zachary K Perlman can establish upon diagnosis. Although back pain may go away with home remedies such as over-the-counter medication, medical attention is worthwhile to avoid any resulting complications.

What causes back pain?

Pain in your back can result due to different factors such as injuries, muscle strain, and underlying medical conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis. While anyone can suffer back pain, the following factors put you at risk for this common problem.

Risk factors for back pain

  •         Physical inactivity. Back pain is more prevalent in people who fail to engage in regular exercise. Physically unfit people tend to have weak abdominal muscles which do not support the spine properly. Due to this, their chances of spinal injuries are higher, which can result in back pain. Heavy exercise after an entire week of inactivity makes you prone to back injuries such as muscle strain.
  •         Age. While anyone can develop back pain, older people from age 30 are at a higher risk. You may notice discomfort in your lower back as you grow older.
  •         Occupation. Jobs that require you to stand or sit for long hours are not friendly to your back. Others such as building and construction that involve heavy lifting may result in muscle strain or put you at risk of back injuries. Ensure you take breaks in between long-standing and sitting periods by taking a walk. Doing this may relieve stress off your back. Apply proper lifting techniques such as using your knees instead of your back.
  •         Smoking. Tobacco products like cigarettes contain nicotine that causes constriction of blood vessels. As a result, your bones may suffer inadequate blood supply. When this happens, your bones get weak and prone to injuries. Smoking also slows down the healing process for patients who have had surgery or broken bones. Quitting may help lower your risk for back pain and severe illnesses such as lung cancer.

How can I prevent back pain?

  •         Exercise. Regular physical activity increases strength and endurance in your back. They may be activities such as swimming and walking that do not strain your back. Your physical therapist can help you formulate a schedule for your daily exercise routine. Specialists may also advise on back muscle exercises to strengthen your core muscles.
  •         Maintain a healthy BMI. Obesity being one of the risk factors for back pain means that losing some extra pounds can help prevent the pain. Excess body weight strains your back muscles which eventually cause pain. Besides preventing back pain, losing extra weight lowers your risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  •         Avoid positions that strain your back muscles, such as slouching. Instead, ensure you maintain a neutral pelvic position.
  •         Sleep on your back as it is the best position that rests your spine to rest

If you have constant back pain that has failed to respond to self-care measures, book an appointment with your doctor at Kai Sports Medicine LLC or treatment to enjoy a more comfortable life.

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