Lean Ground Beef: A Healthier Option in a Better, Revised Formula

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Most of the houses in the States have ground beef in their grocery list every week. It is the fastest selling perishable item that clears off the rack. The reason being mainly economic, nutritious, tasty and filling. Along with all the reasons, there is also the fact that is is easy to prepare and the number of items that is ready in a jiffy is literally countless. All these factors togethermake the ground beef the showstopper of the dinner table.

If the ground beef sounds so simple and perfect then why the noise around it? The noise comes in when certain factors slip the mind while purchasing the commodity and the health adversities start popping up in due time.

A thorough know what is what of the ground beef

The Lean ground Beef is rich with healthy essential nutrients. That makes it the ideal healthy choice for the family to gorge on. Lean ground meat is a power package of 14 essential nutrients like zinc, proteins. Vitamin B, and many more. Since it is full of proteins, one feels full for a longer time. It is advantageous for the individual who is watching their weight.

Lean and Extra-lean Meat have lesser fat count than medium and regular ground beef. Ground beef is pounded beef together from various cuts, often with the addition of trimmings and scraps. Packages of ground beef may contain seasonings, but the USDA does not support the use of additional fillers or water. The individual buying the ground beef should check the USDA certified labels. Considering the source of the meat, the storage conditions and the safety measures of the said package while buying is highly advisable.

There are various grading of the livestock, depending on how the living condition of the livestock wasalong with the diet. Grass-fed beef, organic beef and Wagyu Beef are the categories classified into. The source of Laura’s Lean Ground Beef grass-fed livestock and the preparation and packaging make it a healthy option. The bonus is it is 96% lean ground beef.

When consumed in moderation, the benefits are numerous. But if you binge on ground meat then it may sing another tale. So what is harmful is the quantity one consumes and not the food. One should take care of while preparing the dish. As beef already has a moderate amount of fat using little or no fat at all is highly advisable.

Staying healthy and safe

To lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases, not more than three ounces of beef is advisable for consumption. Also, the meat in low-fat content is healthy than the meat with higher fat content. Incorporating more lean protein alternatives benefits the body immensely. Cooking the beef completely at 160 degrees is extremely important. The high temperature kills any bacteria, if any, in the meat. It is best to avoid ground beef which looks grey or brown on top. Probably it is on the way of contamination or already starting to rot. The beautiful, tempting cherry red color is the color to look for while buying the meat.

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