Know your Anti Aging Cream

anti-aging cream

Did you know taking 10 years off from your current age was never impossible? If not yet, learn it now. Remember, we are not talking about plastic surgery or any major cosmetic enhancements. Facial rejuvenation is possible by applying some simple procedures. You need not spend much or take high risks for that. It is that much easy.

All, what you need is the right anti-aging products and anti-aging procedures. Microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and use of antioxidants – these are the major solutions to your aging problem. However, the mostly used one is anti-aging cream. In fact, these are the easily available and popular anti-aging product one may come across.

In this post we will know more about anti-aging creams, their basic ingredients and use types.

What is antiaging cream?

Anti-aging cream is a solution of moisturiser and active medicinal ingredients. This skin care product makes you feel younger by reducing wrinkles, frown lines, blemishes, pigmentation changes, discolorations and other environment caused diseases. Moreover, it helps curing comprehensive range of photo-aging including skin redness, discolorations, brown pigmentations, abnormal skin growths, poor skin textures etc.

What are they made up of?

Anti-aging creams have key ingredients as compared to conventional moisturizers. Let us see their types and uses.

Retinol – used to reduce fine lines and pores.

Epidermal Growth factor – It is made up of 53 amino acids. These components help stimulating cell renewal and Collagen production in the skin. Thus it enhances skin elasticity and structure. Research suggests that Epidermal Growth factors reduce fine lines, wrinkles and unwanted skin-sagging.

Hydroxy acids – These are of two types – Alpha and Beta. These act as chemical peels. Hydroxy acids dissolve intra-cellular glue that tightens the dead cell together. Regular use of this can expedite the exfoliation process (i.e. of dead upper layer of skin cells). Thus newer skin cells get exposed and you get a new appearance.

Peptides – generally Argireline, Matryxil, and copper peptides are popular form used in cream

Co-enezyme Q10

Anti-oxidants – protect skin cells against the harmful effect of free radicals

Sunscreens – Most of the quality anti-aging cream contain sunscreen lotion. These help against UVA radiation and prevent aging effects like wrinkles.

Thus a good quality anti-aging product does contain balanced ingredients for maximum use. Read the product label before you buy one for yourself.

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