Know This if You Are Considering Breast Reduction

Large breasts can be frustrating getting in the way of your quality of life. That is why your plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Arlington at Advanced Plastic Surgery offers Breast reduction surgery. This procedure aims to decrease your large breast size to make you feel lighter, confident, and self-assured in your appearance. However, just like other medical procedures, the procedure has both benefits and risks and requires a personal decision derived by making careful considerations. You can begin by looking at the following vital information about the procedure.

You will Be Satisfied

Studies show that about 95 % of those who seek breast reduction surgery feel satisfied with the results. This means that the procedure is effective with a high satisfaction rate, and it can make you feel more positive and boost your self-esteem. Your body image and your overall physical health gets improved as well. This is because large breasts put much weight on your chest and cause health complications such as shoulder and back pain. You will ultimately feel like a million bucks after the procedure.

Take a Few Days Off

Although the breast reduction surgery itself is offered as an outpatient procedure where it only takes a few hours and you can go back home the same day, you might require several days to recover. You are liable to feel sore and tired afterward, where you will have to put off rigorous activities for several weeks. Therefore, it is advisable to take off some days from work or school to recover.

Please Have Realistic Expectations

Many people who end up not satisfied with the results after a breast reduction surgery are mainly those who expect changes unrealistically. Note that how much can be reduced from your breast depends on your breast’s size, composition, and goals. Therefore, you might not get the exact cup size you may have desired. However, your provider will help you understand how much you can reduce during your consultation.

You will Have Some Scars

After undertaking the breast reduction surgery, the incision wounds become swollen for a while and eventually become scars. However, the scars will improve significantly with time after the procedure, although they will always be there. Your provider’s expertise in closing the incisions can also influence the scars’ changes, and that is why you should be careful when choosing a provider.

Your Breastfeeding Ability Can Be Affected

According to studies, there are chances that you can find breastfeeding difficult after a breast reduction surgery but not impossible. However, this does not happen to everyone who undergoes the procedure, and it might be difficult to predict who can experience the issue. Therefore, it is good to talk to your provider about breastfeeding plans and get the best advice.

You Can Experience Decreased Nipple Sensations

Note that your nipples can feel numb immediately after the breast reduction surgery. However, some sensations can come back, but it can take up to two months. However, specific surgical techniques can help preserve the sensations to your nipple, and it is critical to talk about it with your provider if you are concerned.

Suppose you feel ready to have breast reduction surgery. In that case, the first step is to book a consultation appointment and be sure to consider the above vital points when you speak to your provider and ask the necessary questions for clarity.

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