Keeping Stress Low in Tough Times

The start of the year has been especially tough for many of us, and as we head to the winter months with further risks for a tough end to the year too it’s more important than ever to stay positive and de-stress whenever you’re able to. Fortunately for many, whilst there have been many difficulties and struggles, we have been afforded with a little more extra free time, and that allows extra time to focus on yourself and unwinding wherever you can. So here are some tips for keep stress low despite the tough times we are in.

Exercise – A bit of a no-brainer to start, but exercise has long been linked to reducing stress and staying healthy in body and mind – whilst local gyms may be closed or a stress point for many during the pandemic, that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of at home options available for you. There has been a huge growth in online classes and lessons to help you get the most out of exercising at home, and if you feel the stress building this may be the perfect solution for you, with the added benefit of keeping healthy at the same time.

Gaming – Another area that has long been linked with the reduction of stress and can often be a good outlet in other ways too as many titles promote creativity and problem solving. Throughout the year there has been a steady rise in another favourite pastime too as online betting sites have been on the rise despite the extension of initiatives and regulations such as Gamstop aimed at preventing players from participating – if this is something you’re interested in there are many sites available such as these betting sites not on gamstop and may provide some great stress relief whilst the events are ongoing.

Cooking – It’s easy to turn to your favourite restaurant or take-away app during this period of time and find yourself dining in more often than not, but this period of time also provides an opportunity to hone your cooking skills and reduce stress at the same time – and the benefit is two-fold. Not only has cooking itself been linked to reducing stress for many, particularly in some practices such as baking specifically, but a change of diet could also help drastically – if you find yourself a little more stressed than usual, you can explore different cooking and diet options and find which may help you keep stress low.

A new hobby – With the additional free time where you may not be able to work currently, exploring a new hobby is just as effective as anything else on this list. Whilst you may be a little restricted on what you may be able to try because of the pandemic, there are a great deal of stress releasing hobbies you can try from the comfort of your own home – find any that may be easily accessible and give them a try, who knows you might find something you love that can help keep you calm despite the bad news around us.

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