Keeping Kids Fit Whilst Playgrounds Are Closed

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Keeping kids fit whilst playgrounds are closed, and staying home in the wake of school closure due to the current COVID-19 pandemic is one of the new challenges parents are faced with across the country. Currently, it has been predicted by health specialists that there will be an increased risk for childhood obesity during the closure of playgrounds and schools. So staying active with regular exercise and encouraging healthy eating is very important for parents.

Staying active is important as it prevents excessive weight gain that is associated with summer breaks. It also improves joints and bone movement, boosts the immune system and reduces chronic related issues further down the line.

We all know the many benefits of regular exercise; it keeps us healthy and focused. Therefore, kids should be encouraged to participate in regular exercise with adults during this period. Here are a few benefits of keeping kids active.

Boosts Immune System

Our immune system can be boosted by carrying out regular exercise. Regular exercise also reduces chronic related diseases, which may eventually lead to a higher risk of heart attacks and strokes. In general, regular exercise helps the immune system and due to the rise in body temperature, it can help fight off bacteria and potentially infections – of course, many are saying that staying fit is advisory as always, but it should not be considered a fail-safe in regards to preventing COVID and it’s potential symptoms.

Prevents Weight Gain

Excessive weight gain by kids can be attributed to eating unhealthy foods and having sedentary activities. Regular exercise helps kids burn calories and parents can encourage healthy eating alongside this.

Reduces stress and anxiety

Many kids may be dealing with anxiety, stress, physical and mental strain while schools and playgrounds are closed. According to studies, exercise is a mood-booster, and parents can reduce kids stress level by getting them to exercise.

There are many activities that parents can do with their kids to keep them active during this stay at a home period while practising social distancing. It is advised that kids need a minimum of 60 minutes’ daily exercise.

Family Exercise

Exercising together as a family will motivate your kids to participate and look forward to it. Families can create a space for various activities like yoga sessions, dance parties, soccer games, and stay fit in the backyard.

Outdoor activity

Parents and kids can go outside for a quick stroll while keeping socially distanced. More time spent outdoors improves motor development and reduces obesity. Kids can, however, also benefit from playing games with their siblings at home.

Online Exercise Videos

Many gyms now offer free workout sessions online, which parents and kids can watch together. Also, many organisations offer various virtual field trips like Google Arts and culture partnered to offer a virtual tour around thousands of museums.

Cooking Time

A well-designed playground is not the only activity which encourages creativity and focus. You can cook with your child by getting them involved in the kitchen. You can let them wash vegetables and fruits. They also learn new things about how they cook food before eating it. Overall, this is another great activity which works on kids basic skills such as decision making, problem-solving, as well as hand-eye-coordination from getting involved in chopping, mixing and spreading etc.

Set a challenge

You can set an exercise challenge like having 50 push-ups, bike rides daily that come with a reward.

House Chores

Assign chores to your child like working in the garden, taking the trash out, cleaning the garage, mowing the lawn. More time spent doing these house chores will help build their basic muscles, burn calories, and keep them fit and healthy.

Thank you for taking the time to read the following blog piece. We hope that you have more ideas on how to keep your kids fit and also realise just how important exercise is for your kids and in general.

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