Keep under Control the Stressed Eating with a Few, Simple Vibrational Techniques

Are you stressed because you haven’t finished today your work for tomorrow? Are you already on your way to the kitchen to relieve stress eating thousands of mindless calories? Stop!

Unstress, then eat!

Take a minute for the following technique which can activate energies that calm down your mind and spirit:

  1. Raise your hands high above your head. Clench your fists. Exhale slowly, bringing your arms down slowly, until your fists are in front of your body. Open your palm when they reach the bottom.
  2. Place your hands back-to-back and slowly and deliberately slide them up the center of your body.
  3.  Lift your hands in front of your face and above your head on another deep in-breath.
  4. Turn your palms outward, and circle them down to the sides of your legs with another out-breath. Lifting your arms above your head and taking them down your sides activates the central meridian and calms down your nervous system.


Another way to free the energies blocked in your abdomen and stop cravings caused by stress:

  • Place one middle finger in your navel, push in, and pull up several inches with pressure. Then pull down, back to the navel. Repeat, this time pulling out to the left side and back to the navel. Continue around until you have made a five-pointed star.


The exercises mentioned above are meant to reestablish the balance of the energy on the central meridian. They release tension buildup and calm the body.

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