Keep in Shape With The Help Of Table Tennis

table tennis

One of the ways to conduct an active lifestyle is a sport like a table tennis. This is a game that requires extreme attention, concentration, elastic body movement, deep enthusiasm, creative approach (check the Best Ping-Pong tables 2018.)

In the process of playing ping-pong, the cardiovascular system is activated, therefore, table tennis is the first in the list of sports that cardiologists around the world recommend as a prevention of heart attacks and strokes.

In addition, according to research by scientists from Japan, the game of table tennis is so energy-intensive that it outperforms other seemingly more active games like basketball or volleyball. This is due to the fact that during the game rivals perform different movements in which almost all muscle groups, ligaments, and joints are involved. Such a load naturally contributes to the maintenance of tonus throughout the body and a good physical shape. A couple of hours of intensive training — and the daily need of our body in motion (which we often do not have enough) will be satisfied with a vengeance.

Are you still in doubt?

Then there are very convincing facts about table tennis:

  1. According to statistics, a player in table tennis can “run” up to 4 miles in one match.
  2. During the game of table tennis, the ball can reach a speed of up to 108 miles per second. This is twice as high as, for example, the speed of the ball in football.
  3. The pace of the ping-pong game can be measured by the number of racket hits on the ball, and on average, it ranges from 40 to 120 beats per minute. The record for men is 162 beats per minute, for women — 148.
  4. It is also proved that in ping-pong player ponders his actions for a fraction of a second. High-speed thinking initiates the production of special hormones that prevent the development of age-related dementia.
  5. During regular training, table tennis develops coordination, reaction, attention, speed, endurance, strength, agility, flexibility, and also stimulates mental activity.

Aerobic weight loss

There are more gentle exercises, during which the principle of aerobic weight loss is used. Table tennis has great opportunities for this. The person himself doses his load, does it easily and with pleasure. The game allows you to ignore the fatigue that inevitably occurs with physical stress. The player spends calories without noticing it.

table tennis

A little more about the advantages of table tennis

Individual table tennis lessons can make a revolution in your lifestyle. First, it is useful, including for successful weight loss. Secondly, it is interesting and fascinating. Thirdly, you will have the practice of positive communication, which is so lacking in modern people. During the game, you will get no less good emotions than watching a TV show. In addition, table tennis, like any sport, helps raise self-esteem.

Some bonuses to weight loss

Excess weight will go away with itself, and you receive the following gifts with the bonus:

  1. A quick reaction will develop.
  2. The heart rate will improve.
  3. Muscles of all groups will be strengthened.

Let’s summarize

For males, table tennis is one of the best ways to lose weight. As for the beautiful ladies — for them, all the same (as listed above) plus a great opportunity to once again show themselves in the hall surrounded by a considerable number of men. Especially when your figure will become slim and fit. Here’s one of the ways to a healthy lifestyle!

Author: Iren Dmitrieva. Iren is an editor of Mostly writes reviews on various gaming tables.

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