Jump for joy! Blast fat with plyometrics!

Plyometrics burns the maximum amount of calories in the shortest amount of time while toning the body from head to toe.”-  Roya Siroospour, fitness trainer.

plyometric trainingWith a plyometric training, you can burn the impressive amount of 350 calories in less than 30 minutes. To be more specific, a 150-pound person can burn 544 calories per hour with plyometrics. Done for four times a week, plyometrics will trim up to 2 inches off your belly and 3 inches off your hips in three to four weeks.

So, if you are interested of losing some more pounds using the physical exercise, you can try plyometrics. This type of exercises involves explosive motions performed quickly. Added to your daily exercise routine, they increase the power, strength and mobility of your muscles, while burning a lot of calories.

How should you prepare a plyometric session?

  • Warm–up before training: You will have to start your plyometric workout with a complete warm-up session.
  • Prepare your equipment: A lot of the plyometric exercises can be performed at home, because they require minimum of equipment. All you will need quality athletic shoes, a stepper or a box.
  • Prepare for Impact – Plyo exercises are high impact, requiring jumping and landing with soft joints to avoid injury.
  • Start small– It is best to start with light jumping exercises to condition your body for this type of movement and gradually adding intensity over time.
  • Plan Your Workouts – Plyo exercises are hard and take a lot out of the body. When planning your workouts for the week, schedule high intensity plyo workouts after a day of rest so your body is fresh. Keep this type of work-out to about 1-2 non-consecutive days a week to give your body time to recover.

How should the plyometric training be like?

There are several ways of organizing a plyometric training:

  • Option 1 – Alternate a high intensity with a recovery period. Start with a plyometric exercis , such as Vertical Depth Jump, repeating for 30-60 seconds. Follow this with an easy exercise, such as walking, for about 2-3 minutes and repeat.
  • Option 2- Do only plyo for a 20-30 minutes workout. Put together 10 or so plyo exercises and do each one for 10-60 seconds, resting as long as you need to between exercises to recover.

No matter what option you will choose, if you will follow your program on a regular basis the result will become visible soon: less fat!


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