Judging Juicing Recipes for Flu

You’ve searched them over and over: juicing recipes for flu. We all get knocked down by sickness, and more people are wising up to the fact that what you put on your table matters. The flu comes with a range of symptoms. Nausea, fever, cough, and body aches all combine to make you miserable.

Health starts at home, but how do you judge a juice recipe. Well, that depends on what you want out of it. This time we’re going to focus on juicing recipes for flu. Everyone has a home remedy for this, but we’re looking for ingredients based in science.

This means we’re looking for ingredients and recipes that offer symptom relief when you succumb to a cold or flu. The first place many of us get sick is our stomach, and if you can’t stop throwing up, what good is anything you eat or drink?

Start with peppermint and cinnamon, even if not in the same juice. Peppermint settles your stomach and cinnamon promotes good digestion. They are great warriors to fight in your digestive system, where immunity is based. It can easily be said that your digestive system is the root of all health.

Ginger can also work wonders in your system, both for digestion and immunity boosting, and it pares very well with cinnamon and the horseradish we’re going to talk about next. Paring flavors together can mean the difference between something you’ll drink and something you won’t.

Since you are already sick, look for recipes with honey, orange or lemon, or horseradish. Horseradish clears the sinuses, honey helps with a cough, and oranges and lemons contain vitamin c and help with mucus buildup. Horseradish has a very powerful flavor. It’s the main ingredient in that green wasabi paste you get with sushi. Use it judiciously in your juicing recipes, taking care to pare it well with things that will minimize its strength.

Surely you can see how a little common sense will help you decipher which juicing recipes are junk and which will help you out. There is a lot of truth to the phrase, “put good in, get good out”. Your body cannot function properly without the proper nutrition, and each food breaks down into something different to help your body work. If you’re not used to juicing, some great beginner juicing recipes can be found on Google.

Adding the right combination of ingredients can give your body a boost when fighting off something as simple, but as miserable as the flu. Here is a good example of a juicing recipe for flu.

2 big apples

1c brewed green tea

A little squirt of honey

A good wedge of lemon

small handful of peppermint leaves

8 whole big strawberries


Steep a cup of green (or white) tea, and let cool.

Juice produce and herbs.

Pour cooled tea into juice, stir in honey, and serve over ice.

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