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The state of Jacksonville is the most populated city in Florida and also the largest region in terms of area in the United States. When a consensus was done in the year 2019, it was reported that the city had a population of just under one million residents, precisely it had 911,500 people living in it. But the metropolitan itself has one and a half a million people, to be precise 1,523,715. It is a beautiful and rich region so anyone would want to stay there.

The vast landscapes, oceans, and greenery are possibly the most inviting it has ever been to tourists and residents alike. Not to mention a lot of Hollywood celebrities live in Florida, it’s where it’s all happening! Sun, sea, and sand all in one place.

Some of the reputable names in the health industry are located there too.  The likes of Mayo Clinic, Baptist Health, St. Vincent’s HealthCare, and UF Health Jacksonville. Plus, there are some big names in the dental industry too, especially for the Jacksonville residents, both private and tax-exempt government facilities. Reputable local dentists that offer oral health care and cosmetic dentistry have become very popular in Florida, over the past couple of decades. An extensive list of practices for a Jacksonville Dentist can be found on this online source https://www.farnhamdentistry.com/best-dentist-jacksonville-florida-list-released-jacksonville-magazine/

The influence of Hollywood actors and actresses, by far has played a big part in the life of this city and with the advent of equipment such as veneers and Invisalign clear braces, not to forget Botox Injections (onabotulinumtoxinA injection), most of the medium to the upper class population not only looks almost perfect but have almost perfect teeth (and smiles!)

Why Cosmetic Dentistry?

As mentioned above, in this city, the majority of everyone is looking to go to a dentist to get work done on their teeth so they look good and help them enhance their appearance, so they can fit in with the right crowd and there is nothing wrong with that. Everybody should strive for perfection.

Some of the most common cosmetic dental treatments that dentists offer in their practices in Jacksonville range from all of the below:

Bonding: in cases where you have space between your teeth, bonding comes in handy. This is also used to fill any holes or cavities in your teeth.

Teeth Whitening: Suing a chemical process, and custom-made mouthpiece that has a whitening solution in it that has to be worn to clean your teeth. Most teeth whitening home kits can be bought at the dentist’s practice or a pharmacy. The best thing to do is refrain from drinking too much coffee or smoking that can easily stain your teeth with the tobacco. Easier solutions to get your stained teeth a shade whiter are teeth whitening toothpastes, whitening strips or mouthwashes.

Implants: teeth implants are also a very common procedure done at dentist practices, and this one, in particular, is for people who have teeth missing due to any reason such as injury, tooth decay (cavities), or periodontal disease. It is a simple process of inserting a fake tooth into your jawbone via a screw that is inserted in first and the replacement is screwed on top of it after. It provides a strong foundation for the tooth and is mainly done for the convenience of the patient who may be suffering some discomfort while eating food or sometimes for their confidence reasons.

Dentures: sometimes when a person is missing numerous teeth, dentists recommend they are provided with dentures that cover either the full mouth or the top or the bottom half (full or partial) of the mouth.

Veneers: can be used to correct several dental issues, for example, stained teeth, worn out, or chipped teeth as well. This is a very thin covering that is placed on the exposed front part of the teeth after the dentist removes a small layer of your own teeth enamel and they imitate natural teeth. Famous actors and sportspeople such as Tom Cruise, Jim Carrey, Cristiano Ronaldo, Demi Moore, and Kylie Jenner all have had veneers and the trend took off from film immediately.

Braces: are available in different styles – wire or clear aligners, used for teeth straightening and anyone can wear them from kids to young adults and older people. Most recently, the invention of clear braces such as Invisalign has become extremely popular amongst the masses and people find positive results with it. It uses a certain type of thin plastic that is tailored to fit your teeth and to be worn for at least a minimum of 22 hours every day, after which you go to the Jacksonville Dentist to get a regular check-up and adjustment done for a new pair because your teeth would have shifted. You can read about this option more here.

Looking for the right local dentist to go to whenever the need arises makes a lot of difference in terms of your finances and convenience. Most often if you are not sure what procedure to get, the dentist will arrange a consultation with you (usually for free), and discuss your needs and their financial requirements or your budget. Looking after your teeth can make a world of difference to your health too.

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