It Works Wraps: 4 Things You Need to Know


Ever since ancient Roman times, we have enjoyed the relaxing and beautifying treatments offered by spas. Naturally, with the passage of time and the progress of society, more and more innovative methods started appearing. One example is that of body wraps. Although they have been practiced for quite some time now, interest in the technique is rising.

Body wraps make use of different resources and materials to achieve various purposes. While some are meant to hydrate the skin, others aim to detox and purify. But by far the most common usage has to do with toning and firming various areas of the body. This is often confused with slimming, although the FDA has ruled out the possibility.

What You Need to Know

A body wrap spa treatment can end up costing hundreds of dollars for a one-time experience. Fortunately, you can also purchase your own and attempt to achieve similar results at home. Out of all the varieties out there, It Works wraps are perhaps the most popular. If you’ve been thinking about giving them a chance, here are four things that you need to know.

1. They Tone and Firm the Skin

The main claim behind the It Works body wraps in all their varieties is that one application can tone and firm the skin in as little as 45 minutes. The results then progress over the course of 72 hours, during which the texture of your epidermis also improves. This leads to a temporary redefinition of body contours, as well as an overall healthier appearance.

Simply put, It Works wraps aim to rejuvenate certain areas of the body. They are best used prior to important events during which you might want to look better in a particular outfit. However, without constant use, the improvements start to fade. A single wrap costs between 15 and 25 dollars, and you can also purchase them in packs of four.

2. They Can Be Applied Anywhere

According to the official product description, the non-woven cloth of the It Works wraps comes in a versatile shape that can be successfully applied to any area of the body. This includes, the stomach, back, thighs, sides, upper arms, and lower legs. Due to this, you can either choose one region to focus on, or you can apply multiple wraps at once for a toned look throughout.

To apply wrap, simply open the package and take it out, then place it evenly on the desired body part. Make sure that the side that comes in direct contact with the skin is the cream-infused one. Then, secure it in place with either tight clothing or elastic bands. It Works recommends using their own Fab Wrap for the best possible results.

3. They Are Comfortable and Natural

As previously mentioned, the It Works body wraps are infused with a cream. The formula consists of a special blend of botanical extracts that work over the span of three days to give your skin the best possible appearance. Nevertheless, if you want to maintain the results for as long as possible, you will have to keep reapplying every 72 hours.

Upon first use, the minimum wear time of 45 minutes is recommended. This will help you test the sensitivity of your skin to the formula. If everything works out, then you can leave the next wrap on for longer. They are so lightweight and comfortable that they can also be worn overnight if the need for extra toning and firmness arises.

4. They Are Not for Weight Loss

It’s no secret that the It Works body wraps haven’t received the most glowing reviews from customers in the past. The majority of criticism comes from the fact that they haven’t delivered results in terms of slimming down. However, the fact that this treatment helps with weight loss is a common misconception among many customers.

It Works body wraps do not help you drop extra pounds, nor do they claim to do so. They are simply a sheet mask for your body that aims to tone and shape the area over a short period of time. This is excellent for immediate results prior to an important event. If you are after durable results of this kind, the only way to achieve them naturally is by dieting and exercising regularly.

The Bottom Line

It Works body wraps are an excellent way to shape the body temporarily. They act quickly, leaving the skin in the area of application firm, tight and toned. In a way, they are a sheet mask for the body. However, they do not help with weight loss, nor do they claim to do so. For this reason, you must practice caution and read their instructions before choosing to use them.

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