Is Vaping Bad for You ? A Look at Vaping vs. Smoking

Many people after becoming an addict of cigarettes and becoming a passive smoker find it hard to leave cigarettes. Many people lose their hopes of leaving it while others at least give it a try. Most of the people who tend to leave this habit go for it by trying vape and find vape as cigarettes best alternate. While keeping in mind that vape’s smell sounds more tempting and appealing. This article will focus on the differences of cigarettes and vape and will inform that is vape really bad for one’s health?

What you need to know About vapour

If you want to know about vapor than this passage will lead you about it and discuss what are vapes.

Basically, a vape is a device which is an electronic nicotine system which works by heating a liquid which is often referred to e-juice. E-juice is not just an ordinary liquid which is comprised of only basic ingredients and that’s all.No! It varies according to the consumer. For suppose simplest e-juice can be made by two ingredients which would include vegetable glycerin which is an ingredient used in multiple places such as a replacement for alcohol, foods and sometimes cosmetics. And the second ingredient is obviously the appealing flavors.

As mentioned above they are not only comprised of two ingredients but they also include distilled water, Nicotine is also added in small percentage which is from around 0% to 2.4% and in the end Propylene glycol. It should be noted that nicotine is still harmful whether it is now vaped too. Vape is famous and can easily found in vape store.

Does non-nicotine liquid differ in terms of health factor?

It’s a matter of fact that the persons who don’t use nicotine e-juices it can still cause problems to that person. Many doctors after many types of research concluded that liquids in vape contain several substances which are harmful in other ways. Such as acrolein which is present damages lungs, nitrosamines are also connected with cancer and many more. There is another study which proved that it is fifteen times easier to form an aldehyde with vaping when compared to smoking cigarettes.

As it is clear that the smell and odor of vape are far better than cigarettes many people conclude by themselves that it is better and feels comfortable while smoking indoors and in front of their kids. The reason behind this is that, that none of them would think that flavors which smell like waffles and toffees would be harmful or so.


Choosing between vaping and smoking is the perfect example of choosing between the two evils. In terms of health, it has been concluded that as discussed above , the aldehyde is formed fifteen times faster in vape but when other substances are considered they format around nine to four fifty times slower and lower when compared to regular cigarette smoke.In short, if a person is trying to quit smoking, vaping is a great alternative for smoking but keeping in mind that it should be short termed and not a long term. For long-term,other ideas and techniques are more useful such as session carried out to motivate people and kick their habit.

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