Is the Ketogenic Diet Effective?

keto diet

Debates on whether the keto diet is effective or not have raged on. On the one hand, there are some people who dismiss it as nothing more than a fancy name for placebo, while on the other, some people swear by the effectiveness.

The ketogenic eating plan has been one of the most popular options for people who want to lose excess weight. Its popularity could be attributed to several testimonials, even from celebrities and famous personalities.

Amid these testimonials, several people have continued to bash the approach it utilizes. According to critics, it’s an unhealthy weight loss program considering that it is composed of 90 percent fat.

What could be the truth behind the keto diet? Is keto diet effective, or would it just make you unhealthier? Can an online keto coach help achieve positive results?

A Study on Obesity Treatment

The ketogenic diet was used to treat obesity among the respondents of a study conducted in the United States.

Gianfranco Cappello, Antonella Franceschelli, and Paolo De Luca considered 19,036 patients with obesity in their research.

Based on the results, a weight loss of 10 percent was rapidly experienced by the patients. Of the weight lost by the patients, 57 percent was said to be fat mass.

It was also pointed out that the respondents did not experience any adverse effects following the treatment called Ketogenic Enteral Nutrition.

Theories Behind the Weight Loss

According to Harvard University, there have been several theories on why there is a decrease in weight when adopting a keto diet. These assumptions include the following:

  • Reduced cravings. People under ketogenic diet have a significant decline in food cravings. The high-fat diet is responsible for this because of the satiating effect.
  • Fat loss over lean body mass. Due to ketosis, or the process of breaking down fat into fuel, fat loss happens.
  • Effect of ketone bodies. With the ketone bodies, the feeling of hunger is reduced. You feel full for a longer period.
  • Suppression of appetite. With the help of an online keto coach, you will be guided on the proper meal plan to follow. When strictly followed, your appetite is suppressed. Thus, you easily get full every time you eat.

Keto Diet Challenges

Just like other weight loss programs, ketogenic diet, likewise, has its own challenges.

First and foremost, the major challenge depends on your commitment. How long could you sustain your diet plan? Would you be committed enough to follow it during the entire duration of the program strictly?

It is, therefore, crucial that you embrace the requirements of the program.

The second challenge is your palate’s ability to adjust to your diet plan. There could be meals on the menu that you’re not used to eating.

With this scenario, you’re expected to develop a “love” for your new meal plan. It’s only through this way that you can enjoy your meals.

The third challenge is your determination to stay away from food choices not included in your meal plan. No matter how much you like those, there is still no reason to consume them if they are not keto-approved.

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