Is the german new medicine really working?

We all heard about people sent home by their doctors to die, because it was nothing else to do for them. They were incurable, with only 2 or 3 months left to live. But those 2 or 3 months passed, they survived and lived happily ever after. Is this possible? How is this possible?

The truth is that to cure completely a person it doesn’t take only medication or surgeries. An ill patient looking for his health should not treat only the illness but the whole self. To maintain the health, the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual elements of a person are interconnected.

German New Medicine statesThis is actually the way the German New Medicine approaches the concepts of illness and healing. According to the laws of this pseudo-medicine system, diseases are not, as assumed, the result of malfunctions or malignancies of the organism but rather are significant biological special programs (SBS) of nature created to assist an individual during a period of emotional and psychological distress. Dr. Ryke Geer Hamer, the founder of the German New Medicine, believes that every cancer and related disease starts as an answer to an acute-dramatic and isolating conflict-shock-experience, which is manifesting itself simultaneously on three levels- psyche, brain and organ. The cancer seems to be nothing more than a special biological program running in the body in order to help it overcome a psychic conflict. And if the disease is written in the inner code of a person, the cure lies in it, too.

The basis of GNM therapy is to understand the biological significance of the symptoms and to support their process rather than fighting it or interfering with it. Understanding the symptoms helps overcoming panic or fear and thus prevents new conflict shocks and new symptoms from occurring. The next step is to find a solution to the conflict which initially generated the illness. Once the conflict is settled down, the healing process begins. The awareness that the organism possesses an inexhaustible creativity and remarkable self-healing capabilities is a must for healing. Conscious, the person looking for a cure should admit the fact that the psyche is where the diseases begin and where they end, and that the brain is the biological control center of all bodily processes, including the healing process. The portion of the brain affected by the initial conflict will heal itself and, shortly after, all the other affected organs will be restored and fortified.

Even if the GNM was developed on scientific basis and seems to be very well grounded, dr. Ryke Geer Hamer still could not completely prove it to be correct, and lost his medical license. Anyway, he continued to practice and some statistics revealed that 90% percent of the patients who followed his therapy methods were still alive. All over the world there are practitioners of the GNM, trying to help the patients overcome the fatal diseases.

The way the GNM works might be an explanation why the people who were supposed to die of cancer have survived and cured their illness completely. They probably found deep down themselves the power to heal. They managed, somehow, to align their psyche, brain and affected organs in perfect balance.

But how is it really possible to rediscover the perfect balance between these three levels of existence? How is it possible to hold the total control of the brain and order it to start the healing process? It is true that the human body uses its entire brain to keep all of his functions running, but only 10-12% of the brain activity is conscious. How can the rest of 88-90% be accessed? Why 10% of dr. Hamer‘s patients died? Which is the missing link that will help to heal children like those who have died under the GNM therapy?

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