Is Jiu Jitsu Good for Self-Defense?

The main component of having a truly successful life is staying fit. It’s tough to fully enjoy life if you always struggle with simple tasks such as climbing the stairs. Scientists have also come to acknowledge that exercise has a direct effect on long-term brain health.

While you can engage in various athletic activities, such as yoga and biking, one of the best forms of exercise is Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Did you know that participating in this kind of martial arts can positively affect your brain chemistry?

Whether you prefer Brazilian jiu-jitsu or the Japanese variation, you will enjoy some serious fitness and health benefits by engaging in this activity. Here are some of the ways that jiu-jitsu can assist you to stay both mentally and physically fit. While some of the benefits are common to all activities others are specific to jiu-jitsu.

jiu jitsu

Physical Conditioning

As compared to other types of martial arts, Jiu Jitsu Houston is more rigorous. This can be attributed to the intense nature of grappling. For instance, a normal session includes stretching, cardiovascular training, resistant workout, and breathing work. These sessions will not only build your endurance and strength, but also boost your flexibility.

Lower Blood Pressure

This is another positive effect brought about by aerobic jiu-jitsu. If you currently suffer from hypertension, this kind of exercise can greatly help you manage it. Since it also provides flexibility and strength, your overall fitness will also improve.


A normal jiu-jitsu session includes exercising until you are tired, engaging in complex techniques, and accumulating moderate bruises and dings. Despite this, practitioners have a ton of fun while doing it! Remember, doing things that you enjoy can extend your life span and make you happier.

Improves your Mental Health

It is found that taking part in Jiu-jitsu on a regular basis improves your mental health. It reduces stress and provides a peaceful mind. So it is better to make Jiu-jitsu part of your daily workouts to see the positive differences.


The basis of all jiu-jitsu training is full of battlefield techniques. If at all you are attacked you will be able to apply what you’ve learned. Skilled jiu-jitsu practitioners are not only able to defend themselves, but also those whom they love. Although getting such skills needs several years of practice, it’s one of the most important benefits that practitioners enjoy.

Less Aggression and Increased Confidence

Just like any kind of exercise, training regularly allows you to vent your emotions in a healthy way. This means Jiu Jitsu Houston practitioners will tend to be calmer than other athletes. What’s more, while doing any sport will boost your self-confidence, Brazilian jiu-jitsu is just special. It doesn’t require any rigorous training to perfect the technique. so it is easy for anyone to learn. You can also make use online videos on the internet to improve your techniques and to lead a healthy and a happy life!

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