Is it Possible to Become a Professional Car Driver?

proffesional f1 driver

Motor racing is today the sport that attracts the most spectators in the world. It takes place either in closed circuit (for the races of cars of tourism, big tourism, prototypes, formulas of promotion or Formula 1, 2 and 3), or on open road for the rallies. How to become a professional driver to race rallies, the 24 Hours of Le Mans or Formula races? That is to say, how to become a professional racing driver? How to get paid by such a manufacturer of candles or tires? Generally, it is enough to have at his disposal a good serial car to run a rally. But, in order to have any chance of making honorable mention of it, it is necessary to make long and costly repairs and transformations on his vehicle.

Entry fees added to travel expenses also make it very expensive to participate in a championship. Advertisers who can help are also very rare. Rest the stables of the builders, but they recruit only professional pilots. You should know that when they are car manufacturers or equipment manufacturers, the sponsors of motor racing have two objectives: first to develop their equipment, then to prove that this material is the best! So (and it’s a bit natural!), The sponsors intend to ensure their publicity by funding a team to win a maximum of victories. Winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans, for example, is a real consecration for a builder that surpasses all the successes achieved during a season to win the title of world champion builders. And for the drivers who have driven their car to victory, it’s an extraordinary springboard for a successful career in motorsport. Do you dream of becoming an F1 driver ? Know that getting a career as a racing driver is difficult, but not impossible. To achieve this, rigor and hours of training are essential. Here are all our tips for becoming a good Formula 1 driver .

Formula 1 driver: buying a car adapted to racing

Who says F1 driver necessarily says race car. When you start in the world of racing, it is therefore important to acquire a vehicle that allows you to do a very large number of laps. Among these prestigious cars, there is the Porsche Cayman S or the Lotus Exige S. Once the ideal car in your hands, you just have to take your first steps on the circuit. For that, it is essential that you feel at ease and that you listen carefully to the advice of the professional pilot . Do not hesitate to use the straight lines to speed up and familiarize yourself with the high speed.

F1 driver: think about the driving experience

If you have some knowledge of auto circuits and want to improve your driving, piloting courses are the best solution. You will be followed by a professional in the field who will analyze your way of driving and your technique. So take into account his advice to improve yourself.

How to become a good F1 driver?

To become a good F1 driver , besides the car, it is essential to have knowledge, but not only. It is also important to have a certain budget (to pay the various expenses related to this sport) and a full contact book. If you have all these elements in your possession, you will then have to take a training course for the Formula 1 drivers .

Training to become an F1 driver

Currently, the Auto Sport Academy is the most famous training center to become an F1 driver. However, it is very expensive and is not accessible to everyone. Otherwise, GT Academy is a contest that allows participants to go from virtual to real. Indeed, the best Gran Truism players compete to become a true professional driver. As you can see, becoming an F1 driver requires rigor, determination and hours of training, but not only. A racing driver must also know how to manage his stress, stay focused, and know the right reflexes and all the rules relating to safety. He must also have a sense of communication because he is never alone and he is part of a team. Finally, the physical condition of the future driver must be in good shape. The latter must be muscular and flexible at the same time.

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