Is Health Insurance Worth It? 5 Secrets the Healthcare Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

According to the CDC, about 30.1 million people under 65 in the United States were uninsured.

If you’re one of those millions of people, you might be asking yourself, “Is health insurance worth it?”

It’s no surprise that health insurance can be very costly, but how do you determine if you really need it? Here are some secrets that might help you decide.

  1. You May Be Getting Tests You Don’t Need

When you go to a doctor or call your health insurance company, they may recommend paying for tests or procedures that you don’t really need. This is because they have a partnership with the company running the tests and receive perks for that.

The tests may help you, but in some cases, it’ll just be wasting your money.

  1. Don’t Pay for More Than You Need

Most health insurance companies will try to sell you a plan with a higher premium and lower copays.

This might sound more appealing, but if you’re relatively healthy, you should go for the plan with the lower copay. That way you aren’t wasting much money if you don’t need it.

  1. You Can Find Prescription Drugs Cheaper

When a doctor writes you a prescription, your health insurance will normally cover part of the bill. However, what they don’t tell you is that you might be able to find prescription drugs cheaper without using your insurance.

A lot of prescriptions your doctor writes will be for the brand name, expensive drugs. However, there are plenty of generic brands that are cheaper and have all the same active ingredients that the brand name does.

You should always ask your doctor or pharmacist if there are any generic versions out there. There are also some websites that will compare cheaper versions of the drugs so you don’t have to use your insurance to pay more for a drug.

  1. Have Something in Writing

When dealing with a health insurance company, make sure that you either email them or write a letter.

If you talk to them over the phone, you could talk about what’s covered or what’s not, and they might try to offer you pricing as well. However, they might actually charge you for something or charge you a higher amount than previously discussed because there’s no written record of it.

  1. You Might Be Able to Get More Coverage

While health insurance is important, you might also be able to get more coverage out of your plan. In some cases, you could be eligible for benefits that you aren’t aware of.

For example, if you’re in Maryland, your health insurance has to cover infertility expenses. In some states, this isn’t required, so make sure you check your state’s laws.

If you do find a gap in your health insurance coverage, make sure you check out this company

Discover More About Is Health Insurance Worth It?

If you’re still wondering, “Is health insurance worth it?” The short answer is yes.

However, you have to be smart about it and do your research.

To continue your research, make sure that you explore our website to find more articles just like this one!

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